Le mois d'octobre

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Good evening everyone, it is no secret that October is the best month of the year. 

“After the keen still days of September, the October sun filled the world with mellow warmth...The maple tree in front of the doorstep burned like a gigantic red torch. The oaks along the roadway glowed yellow and bronze. The fields stretched like a carpet of jewels, emerald and topaz and garnet. Everywhere she walked the color shouted and sang around her...In October any wonderful unexpected thing might be possible.” 
― Elizabeth George SpeareThe Witch of Blackbird Pond

Not only does it host the holidays of El Dia de los Muertos and Halloween, but it's my birthday month.

This Sunday, the 5th, I turn twenty. That's two decades. Which honestly don't feel very long, given that I spent my first three years practically unconscious and my horrible memory has no mercy that I don't remember before fourteen. Technically then, I'm only six. But if I count how long I've felt alive then I guess I am only two. But what is age anyways??

I began the month of October with the long awaited One Direction concert. (Who I love and you must know by my 2012 1D post on this very blog) Here's a LINK to my video of You & I that I took at the concert. It almost has 900 views and I am so obsessed I want more! Haha but I know I wouldn't click it myself because it's not quality. But it was such a great night, I was so tired by the end. I absolutely adore them and was glad this kicked of the festivities. The next day I went to class as usual and my class got dragged by my favorite professor. *.*

took this picture while I waited for my ride liked the brightness

So a couple of awesome things that I thought were awesome to begin the month.

I wanted these three books for my birthday, hard copy, but I saw that they were free for download in honor of Salt's birthday. I literally was so excited! I have them downloaded and it's the best thing to happen.

Next is one of my favorite artists posted this on her Instagram. Not sure if it's a new single or what but I am so excited. (10.10 is her birthday)

Not sure why but I was so happy these things included the words "birthday" made me feel like they were my gifts from the universe. 

Another thing is someone who is very close to me may come for a visit later this month. It's in the works so there is no confirmation but it would make my life 400% better, so let's keep our fingers crossed. 

Also, I only have a few forms left to fill out but my two week study abroad to Europe in December is confirmed! I am so excited and I will be going with one of my best friends. I am hoping to vlog that experience.  I will be traveling to Germany, France, and Belgium, let's see if this semester's French class will do me any good. Another thing is that while I was at the library I was approached by someone who later asked if I was interested in joining them in establishing a little something for our university. It is something that interested me and I agreed, I don't want to reveal until we get the ball rolling but I am looking forward to new endeavors

I will post any updates I get, and don't forget.

and will soon be October 5th

Lots of love, Melissa

PS. One of my friends started a mommy blog, check it out.

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