Camping in North GA

Monday, July 13, 2015

This weekend I went camping with Legacy (college ministry). A quick recap of the weekend. I carpooled with our ministry leaders, R & L, from Atlanta to Mountain City. Left around 12pm and arrived around 2pm to Black Rock Mountain. We arrived to our camp site, picked our three sites, set up camp, and left one more time for the nearby town for last minute supplies. Later that evening Y joined us, and in the morning K and Y joined us as well. We had breakfast, visited the Visitor Center, where we got an awesome view of the mountains, then visited a few overlooks around the park, returned to our site and had some lunch. We hit a couple hiking trails. The first was a beautiful loop around a lake. We definitely took our time with that one, saw the different fish, flowers, and different streams. THE SECOND WAS A STRAIGHT SHOT DOWN THE MOUNTAIN, GOING DOWN WAS FINE, BUT MAN GOING BACK UP. KICKED ALL OUR BUTTS. We got back to camp set up for dinner, played cards, roasted marshmallows the whole ~camping experience~.

I had been camping before, but only in Mexico and in the rancho. It' s a different experience and i'd definitely do it again! I had so much fun. One, because our camping leaders were definitely camping professionals. Two, I was with my 3 best friends.  So thankful for this weekend. The only thing I would change is being more fit to probably do more. Again, so much fun. Happy I got to do this before I left for Oman.

Also, in internship news. I earned Intern of the Month for June *.*

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