B.A.P.🐰: Party Baby Tour (ATLANTA⚡️BOOM)

Thursday, April 06, 2017

AH! Last night I went to a B.A.P. concert. Their "Party Baby" 2017 World Tour began in Atlanta, so it was an honor to be the first. They actually landed yesterday and I was having heart attacks. I skipped my One Direction days of chasing them around before showtime. I'm an old lady now. The day before the concert the weather was so sunny and warm, yesterday was thunderstorms on and off with plenty of severe weather and tornado warnings. I was worried it would either be canceled or just complicate fans lives. Lucky for us (Emily & I), we live five minutes from the venue. 

right to left: Himchan, Jong-up, Yongguk, Zelo, Youngjae, Daehyun

I absolutely loved the retro tour theme/concept. I honestly didn't know what to expect, but it totally blew me away. The performances, the vocals, the segments and how it flowed, the energy, the opening DJ for gods sake, they were so BAP (Best Absolute Perfect).

Since they are a KPOP band, there is somewhat of a language barrier. On the one hand their English efforts make everything they say more endearing, on the other when they are speaking Korean we don't stop screaming long enough to hear the translator! LOL. 

Because of this there was a mistake during the first talk. They announced beforehand that they were going to have a party outfit contest and would pick a winner. Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding and a girl went up but she was not the chosen one! I guess she couldn't hear because they repeated it a few times and she didn't get the memo until a bit later, oh well. 
my sorry excuse for the little heart popularly done in SK
The name for their fans is "babyz." HOW. CUTE. It's so funny because, from my limited knowledge, I would consider B.A.P. one of the more bad boys/dgaf/authentic KPOP boy group. They are a paradox because they balance adorable and badass so effortlessly. I am a fairly new baby🐰, so every time they would refer to us in that way I seriously melted. In terms of music, they hit us with the pop, the alternative, the r&b (body rolls included), hiphop, point is the energy never diminished and we were lit AF (as ATL always is). A few had their solos which I was not expecting. I was like boi 🚨.

The concert overall was longer than I expected, even when I was sure it was over they kept going, so that was a treat. They did the classic this is the last song and when the lights don't turn on, you know you keep screaming and chanting, Atlanta came through because we were super loud and it took them a good minute to come back out LOL. Daehyun came out by himself first and I really think he was stalling because he was so cute and awkward (just because he couldn't wing the English). During one of their songs, Wake Me Up, I was dancing along with them and I was like feeling myself?? You should watch the dance practice and see what moves I was busting out (at the "ooooo oooo" part lol).

You're probably not wondering what the pockets of green in the crowd are. Most major KPOP groups have their own designed light sticks. It's a fan must for all their shows. B.A.P.'s light stick is a neon slime green bunny head. I didn't get one, but was looking for one at the merch stands before the show, I was ready to splurge but didn't see any :(. Well, I didn't look hard enough but was eager to find our seats which BTW we were BAMBOOZLED by TicketMaster. We swear we saw our seats location in the orchestra section and it ended up being the freaking opposite. We were in the last tier and my heart like hurt so much. I went down to the attendant to see if it was too late to upgrade, she said that there were enough seats in that area that we could just move down if no one had claimed them (after she left of course and "didn't see."). Thus, I had a plan in mind. . . . and so did everyone else. Up until this moment, I don't think I had truly grasped the concept of realism. BUT WHEN THE SPEAKERS BANGED AND THE SCREEN FLASHED YOU BEST BELIEVE IT WAS LIKE THE EXODUS. Everyone was just trying to run down for a better spot, the lights came back on momentarily and some paused and began to go back to their seats, but at the sight of others still going, it was do or die. So, in the end, we didn't have orchestra but they were pretty decent.

When it was truly time to end the show they went around for their last comments. Ya'll know I teared up!! I'm not sure if Himchan, Zelo, and Jong-up teared up, but that's what I thought I saw 👀. I was emotional. OKAY I'm gonna get called out BUT, when everyone was waving at the end I SWEAR YONGGUK WAS LOOKING AT MY (GENERAL) DIRECTION AND WAVED AT ME. I know he waved at everyone but it just felt so personal. . . . so he waved at me, case closed.

Thank you 🌹 B.A.P.🌹 for your amazing show through the terrible weather and jet lag. It was an #experience to be remembered. 🐰 (edit: it hurts to cough or do anything with my throat)

my video 💁🏽
Melissa 🐝 (10 second bonus below)

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