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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

I'm sad I haven't posted for almost a month!
As soon as Spring Semester ended I began a Maymester and that was intense! I didn't really have anytime for myself for two weeks, but the results were worth it. Today, I began a four week summer semester so that's what I'll be up to, it's less demanding time wise so it should be better for me (and my blog).

I miss posting 😞, but in about a week I (and someone else) will have a really fun post up! I am excited for that.

I wasn't going to post anything substantial PERO YA ME ANIME.

About two months ago (omg) I posted a short long post on Korean popular music/dramas/culture. A few days later I posted on my experience at my first KPOP concert.

Today, I am bringing you the boy group I stan 100%.

Hyunwon, I.M, Jooheon, Shownu, Minhyuk
Kihyun, Wonho


Ya'll I am SUCH a fangirl (monbebe lol) and I have no shame. This isn't a guilty pleasure, it's just a pleasure. LOL.

They debuted in 2015, they were each chosen as a finalist for a reality show to make a boy group. Their official genre is hiphop, but they take on all of them pretty well. 

edit: I had to come back and add more because I feel I didn't gush about them enough. I'm really about to post their individual pictures. LEGGOO---

Shownu, 24 (sub vocalist, main dancer, awkward dad, can do your makeup)
Wonho, 24 (sub vocalist, lead dancer, monbebes biggest fan, thinks he's handsome, shows off abs)
Minhyuk, 23 (sub vocalist, mood maker, usually the MC, sunshine)
Kihyun, 23 (main vocalist, mom: cooks & cleans, black heart, small and angry)
Hyungwon, 23 (subvocalist, visual/model, meme king, new DJ name: H. One)
Jooheon, 22 (main rapper, aegyo king, looks hard is soft, says his name in every song)
I.M, 21 (lead rapper, maknae, introvert, eccentric)

There's an app called V Live where many artists/actors from Asia post content for their fans to see and you can purchase a monthly subscriptions for "channel +" where they add extra content for subscribers. Ya'll know I'm a member. I also bought little reaction stickers of their faces. I want to cry I'm so embarrassing. They also do live videos, but I can't understand of course. As you can see I'm top 1,138 amoing 1,293,756 followers/fans. I would be higher up IF I DIDN'T HAVE TO CONCENTRATE ON SCHOOL. It left me no time to interact or anything, oh well. I'll be on the come up 👏🏾. edit: what a little slacking off can do (and now its the hunger games with 20K more ppl)-

I was watching this V Live from 3 months ago last night, and when the guy on the right came in I immediately knew who he was. This made me reevaluate my priorities. 

They also announced their first world tour!!! And one of the locations is ATLANTA. I HONESTLY WAS HYPERVENTILATING AND CRYING WHEN I READ THE NEWS. Ticket release day was the biggest emotional rollercoaster. I was so convinced my sister and I were going to get meet and greet tickets, but there weren't any available. I actually purchased four tickets total because the second ones around were better (but they're not next to each other so we'll need to figure that out). I sold the first two to some girl in TN (at purchase price because I'm not an a**hole). 

When KPOP groups reach certain popularity they release their light sticks. You take them to the concert and some are bluetooth connected and they'll change colors together. Anyways, they JUST released theirs (for their 2 year anniversary) and I had to preorder. It's shipping from Korea so it's gonna take forever, but I'm patient. Look at them!! (If you read my BAP concert experience you can see their green light sticks in the video/photo)

Look how pretty is!

The light color scheme is inspired by their latest 2 mini albums and their latest full album

Me counting my money after all these purchases:

I am editing this post to say that Monsta X announced their 1st repackaged album! Two new songs Shine Forever & Gravity. Here is the teaser for Shine Forever and the Album Preview

What I love about these groups is that there's so much content. They have their own reality shows, they go on variety shows, they perform/promote their new songs continuously. They're always active. I'm going to be extra and post several versions of the same song. Just so you can see all the work they do.

original music video
choreography music video
practice room video
one of their many performances
acoustic version
acoustic performance

they're signed to Starship Entertainment and I stan their label and all their artists (Starship Planet) too. Their original girl group SISTAR is disbanding, I am really sad because I was just getting into them. But they will release a last album and they're going out so classy, so I am happy for them. Their newest girl group by the name of Cosmic Girls or WJSN just debuted about a year ago. You have to watch their video. It's so beautiful, it looks straight out of an anime. (they're one of the bigger girl groups with 13 members).

original music video
performance video

monbebe till death,
melissa 😜

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