Another Year: 23

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


It is 1AM and I must be up by 8AM (are you jealous of my wake up time?). I am having a terrible time trying to sleep, my heart is keeping me up 🌺.

I ate a spicy dinner and seriously for the first time in a long time, or ever, I can feel it burning my stomach.
It is time to change the age in my About Me. I am 23 as of Thursday October 5th, 2017. I think it is necessary to write about my birthday since I will look for this post in two or three years time. I had quite an eventful five day birthday- spent with all the people close to my heart. I don't know how to feel exactly about turning another year older. 23 is an awkward number, don't you think?

I will type out my birthday events for the sake of memory in writing:
1. birthday eve eve- home surprise with . . . thai tea and gourmet donuts
2. birthday eve- udon and . . . taro tea and a fruit tarte
3. birthday- class and mediterranean dinner and desert with my family
4. birthday weekend- south florida: room service and redd's.

Hm. . . 23. yikes. let's see, as of now i am obsessed with photo filters and my own versions of peachy unattainable looks. I like to responsibly drink on my own and eat shin ramyun noodles. I completed my pressing KPOP collection. I am currently looking for "real" work. I'm seriously into cutesy stuff and need to get my hands on a big rilakumma. My credit card balance keeps me up at night, worst part being it's relatively not that bad. My dragon momo is growing bigger by the day and I think I could care for him better. I have my three confidants, all of which I have never felt closer too. I feel guilty for not completing my goals (which you can see to the right if you please). Many of my past posts- especially my earlier ones- are no longer relevant to my current beliefs, but I won't delete them even though they don't represent me now. I can't eat as much as I used to which is quite a shame. My car is falling apart. I'm scared to sleep in public because I'm a snorer. I'm not responsible enough to eliminate the need to sleep in public. Sometimes I wonder if realists have it all figured out. As of now there's nothing more I love to eat than sashimi with a healthy amount of wasabi and soy sauce. I stan Monsta X and bias Yoo Kihyun. I have two phones. 5 years later I still need to lose like 50 pounds. I flew with a final domestic destination for the first time this weekend. & lastly, I am slowly losing my decency, enough that my internal monologue/voice has changed. Luckily, the rate is decelerating so I might be able to pick it back up before I hit rock bottom 🌝. 
Let's see if I can keep it together until next year. 🍑

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