Saturday, December 14, 2019

I wish I had spent my evening reading, relaxing, feeling aesthetic, but I've been watching Real Housewives of Atlanta and scrolling through Reddit instead. I also bought a great smelling candle at TJ Maxx, but it burns so slow and low I can't smell it . . .

I don't think I've mentioned it here yet, but I was promoted a couple months ago and now I'm in a recruiting role. I work at an employment agency so we're always recruiting for a variety of positions and clients. Of course we find qualified candidates for our clients is by searching on those job/resume databases and calling them and see if they are interested in the opportunities we have available.

I remember once I was at home after a long day and I'm like, "man! what can be an easier way to get great candidates?" And I sat there and this light bulb just lit up in my head and I thought- what if, now bear with me here, but WHAT IF we could have an online platform where we could write a description of the responsibilities and duties the position would entail, we could write the location of the company, as well as the schedule and financial compensation. THAT WAY IF YOU FIT THE QUALIFICATIONS, YOU'RE AVAILABLE TO WORK THE SCHEDULE AND YOU CAN MAKE THAT COMMUTE AND YOU'RE OKAY WITH THE HOURLY RATE YOU CAN APPLY AND BE CONSIDERED FOR THE POSITION. And then it hit me that that already exists and it's called an AD. 

Why did it feel like a brand new idea? Because job postings work like 50% of the time. This isn't at the people that are shooting a bit higher and are applying for a position that requires a more experience than they have.

I'm talking about you Carol, who can't work past 6PM (even though it said the schedule was 12PM-9PM) and can't go below $19/hr (even though the ad says it was $15/hr). And when I contact you, you tell me oh no no you can't do all that LIKE YOU WEREN'T THE ONE WHO APPLIED TO THIS POSITION? 

I'm not mad though 🙃

It's been about three months now and I am so happy in my new role. I still have days where I question if I'm good enough for the position, whether I can deliver those results, is my progress fast enough? Really my goal is to be a well oiled machine and do it all. I think I've realized that my strength (or what comes easiest), is the administrative side. I love charts, workflows, and audits, but I don't want to focus too much on that and get discouraged on my recruiting abilities. I'm getting there though! Hopefully we can start 2020 with a bang.

My company is majority women (100% women when I started in January) and my core team are two other women. They've both said that when they started they were a bit hesitant about working with all women, but we get along SO well and I legit love both of them. Even when I was at the front, part of the admin team, we were tight (still are but don't interact as much). I can't imagine going to work when you don't get along with your coworkers (I'm sure ya'll can). Love my manager and the rest of the staffing team so externally everything is great- just gotta work on myself. 

Edit: I have a conspiracy theory that there are people planted on ZipRecruiter whose sole purpose is to get scheduled for interviews AND NO SHOW. Have a great weekend.

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