Amigos for Chirst- Nicaragua

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Putting aside Argentina, to which i'll get back later, i'm going on a mission trip to Nicaragua this summer. In July we'd pack our one bag and we'd be off too a camp/organization called Amigos for Christ. Where we would help out with whatever they would need us to do since were not exactly sure what were doing.

Unfortunatley we, my group and I, don't have enough money to cover the costs of airfare and other things that we'd need. I think that maybe not all of us would be able to raise the rest of the money that we need. The cost in total is $1,300. And I, personally still have money left to raise. & it's not just a couple 100. So let's just hope that I come up with a good idea and get enough sponsors to cover a good chunk of it. Since I have to have it in by June 8th. Which is a week and a half from now that's going to be a BIG challenge for mee! Eeeek!

I'm really nervous of how this is going to turn out! I just hope that I get the chance to go (b/c i already have the opportunity to go) and to do a small change because i've really been looking forward to this. Now just to think of ideas. . . .Hmm. Still nervous of whats gonna happen. . . Wish me luck! & make room in your prayers for me! :D

Mucho Amor, Melissa O.

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