FIE Argentina(Cordoba) Part 1

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

& I have not all posted since i left on the 6th of May & prob before that too :o

AND i left for FIE Argentina. It was so so much fun. It def had its ups and down. (quick run down- FIE: forum of international entrepeneurs. happens every year in CORDOBA Argentina. were 600 young ppl come from all over the world to expierience diff cultures and learn! )
It all started with meetings each week, we have prepare for it. We have a stand up for 3 days. We have to prepare a booth of the USA that says stuff about our country and also dress up for it.

Bad but captures moment

We also had to make breakfast, and put up a company booth. & all that takes planningg!!
people who went on trip- Brunna Caroline, Mackayla Bailey, Jose Vega, & I.
Brunna and I already knew eachother so obviouslyyy we got along. & the other two already knew eachother. So throughout the trip we got to know each other although i don't think we had a choice :P


So what it, FIE, was made up of was workshops and tools to make the participants, ME, take something back home with them. Nelson Mandela's grandson, Ndaba Mandela spoke along with head of Disney's marketing Belinda Frazier. There were more but. . i can't remember their names. lol
we also had groups and diff activites to do all week. & did I mention parties each night??

Pictures by days: airport

A Saturday in Cordoba

Sunday in Cordoba

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