Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nc(I'm deciding if I should do this by day or just all. . .)

So this LAST Saturday i left my house at 6:00 AM to catch a plane to NICARAGUA. That morning was SO hectic. 
1. We stayed sitting on the floor because the contract we had with Delta was wrong we were allowed two checked baggage but they said only one. Then we fixed it. By paying extra. 
2. One of our chaperon's passport was damaged and they wouldn't let her go. But that was fixed. :D so she went. 
3. Upon arrival to Managua, NIC Delta lost NINE. NINEEEEE checked bags! GRR.

Sunday was a sort of orientation but with NO responsibilities. . . WE CLIMBED Cerro Negro which is a Volcano! so much fun. but it was tough. less than a third of the way there I teared up and said I couldn't do it. . .but I did! It was to show us we could do it. 


On Monday we went to the city's dumpster. we weren't allowed to have cameras so I don't have any pictures. But next to the dump was a type of Neighborhood, they pretty much lived from the dump. They'd pick out the plastics to sell. The people living there were refugee victims from hurricane Mitch about 12 years ago. The government promised them help but never came through and instead just gave them the land. Amigos for Christ which is the organization I helped with has asked the residents many times if they want to move out. The conditions in which they live in are very very unsanitary. The river that runs behind the neighborhood is extremely contaminated by a waste pipe that broke, and its also where a hospital near by dumps all their waste. 

Right after, we came back to the place which we stayed which they call 'Casa Blanca'. We have Devotion twice a day where we have quiet time, a song, and sharing. Sorry i'm all over the place. :P But we left again (BTW WE ALL RIDE IN A SCHOOL BUS) we went to a community called 'Villa Catalina' it's where the EX-residents of the dump, that decided to leave, live now. They had cute little houses, water, a school, a place of worship, a health center, a play ground, a cafeteria for the kids, and other things. This is the place where some people found their hidden talents. Since AfC (Amigos for Christ) goal is to show people they can be successful not by just taking but by working for what they get, AfC gives out micro loans, scholarships, and other forms of take and give.  One story is of a man who got a loan to build an oven. He now bakes bread, before he would make 2-4 dollars a day now he employs 4 people and makes 30-40 dollars profit. Another woman got a scholarship to go to culinary school, she found out that she had a talent for decorating cakes. She now bakes and sells her cakes all around the city of Chinandenga. 

We also worked in the community of Chonko. That is a community being helped by AfC. It was originally started by dutch missionaries but they left in the middle. So now AfC is building a water tank to save people time they're also digging ditches to put in pipes so the residents can have clean, running water to their homes. Some women have to walk 2 miles 4-7 times a day to carry 5 gallons of contaminated water back to their home. Apart from that they have around 7-11 children. Children that are malnutritioned and have nothing. & when I say nothing it's NOT exaggeration! Also, AfC, after building a school where they also teach general health for adults, are building a cafeteria so the children can have a warm meal and raise attendance rate.

But that's where WE come in we help build AND play with them :DD

Tuesday!: that whole day we just worked and worked and played and played and played!

Wednesday!:  we didn't work today but visited a children's and adult's disability orphanage. 

later we went out town and the market where we ate, got a couple souvenirs, and bought some items that were needed becauseee we were going to make a mini carnival at Casa Blanca!

after they went home:

On Thursday it was back to working all day! :

this little sweethearts name is William. He wore the same clothes all week:(

and of courseee playing with our darlings!:

We also said our goodbyes :( i lovee each and everyone of you! and i will never ever forget your little faces. i hope to see you again! :(

Friday!: was our day off. BEACHHHHH.

but first we went to a church in the middle of NO WHERE!

here is where i felt the warmth and love of community. i love those people.

then we planted 100 trees around the church!

thennnnnnnnn later onnnnn the beach! 

then we packed . . .

and we were goneee: 

i think this is it for the most part i hope i didn't miss a whole lot. this experience was amazing and although this took me forever because the pictures took forever it was worth it! I love Nicaragua and hope to go back soon! A piece of my heart stayed there, and no words can explain the joy I have gotten from being there. Please pray for all my friends. 

much loveeeee, Melissa. 

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