Happy Fourth of July!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

(this was 'pose to be uploaded on the fourth. . .:()
Happy fourth of July! I spent my day inside :(

BUT i spent my weekend in Panama City. :D YAY! 
I'm upset because we didn't take a lot of pictures and it was so much fun.
It was such a beautiful beach and in the little pictures we took i'm barely in any like always! PCB was so CROWDED there were NO hotels not even outside of the main downtown area! ! ! we searched for like an hour and a half! But we didn't go to PCB for just Fourth of JULY we went because it's my darling sister's birthday today! 

Happy Birthday Macrina!

left home around 12, 6 hr drive super comfy! :D

the plan was to only go to the beach on Sunday but. . . 

and Saturday night ALL ALL, i mean ALL hotels were NOT vacant all i saw "No vacancy" D:
but yes so we slept IN MY VAN not comfortable at all. so we played for a few hrs at night:

BUTT it was right by the beach so we went for an early swim! oh & trust me, we were not the only ones sleeping in the parking lot that night. haha. 

later that Saturday: 

well unfortunately we didn't take a lot of pictures because our camera was being horrible but apart from that quick birthday pictures!

with love, melissa <3

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