Whoa God, it was You the whole time?

Monday, January 23, 2012

First, cool Bible verse to share.

Since my heart was embittered
 and my soul deeply wounded,
I was stupid and could not understand;
I was like a brute beast in your presence.
Yet I am always with you:
 you take hold of my right hand
With your counsel guide me,
and at the end receive me with honor.
Whom else have I in the heavens? 
None beside you delights me on earth.
Though my flesh and heart fail,
God is the rock of my heart, my portion forever.
But those who are far from you will perish;
you destroy those unfaithful to you.
As for me, to be near God is my good, to make the Lord God my refuge.
I shall declare all your works in the gates of daughter Zion. <3
 Psalm 73:21-28

Oooh la la wasn't that beautiful! This is my new favorite verse!

Yesterday, (it was adoration) I was thinking about my last 3 years of high school (senior now) & I was looking back and it dawned on me that the Lord has been with me every second of my every step. He has protected me from harm from the beginning. It's funny because I already "knew" that. You know? God is always with you. But He has really and in all honestly never let me fall. & those times I tripped He always got me back up. I close my eyes and think how blessed I am. How blessed I am that He let me get to know Him early in life, every single person He has put in my life has been amazing and He did it because He loves me. Never has He left me alone, and I have ignored Him. I hear Him calling my name, but I don't listen. He never let's go. I forget that & I let go, I get unhappy and empty and I wonder why. I don't call on Him when I need someone to talk to or just want to have a conversation with. But God deserves so much more from me! I hope I don't let Him down soon.

Still His out pour of blessings is so so great. I truly feel like I am one of the most blessed in the world. God am I your favorite??

Much love, & I know God doesn't have favorites :))
Melissa O.

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