Valentine's Day

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I can't believe it'll be Valentine's Day on Tuesday! I've said it so many times but i'll say it again, time is going by so ridiculously fast. I'll be spending Valentine's Day at the Apostle's confirmation class. There's around 50 kids and I want to give them a card or something but i'm broke. :( I'll have to think of something clever to give them. . . I was thinking like individually drawn cards with their faces on them. Like this!

Sketched personalized Valentine's Day cards.
found it on Pintrest
& yes kidly drawn like those.I'd think it'd be cute & of course it's personalized but will THEY like it? Hm. . . I know i'm baking cupcakes for my close school friends but should I bake for them? It would be a lot. . . ah decisions decisions. 

So Friday night Y came to pick me up & we went to EDGE! Woo hoo. We watched UP. :( so sad. A little later K joined us & we went to Walmart we were there till around 12:40. . waiting for Breaking Dawn DVD. I won a poster and a cleaning cloth for trivia. . haha. While we were waiting though I left to the food area for some ramen noodles . . scariest moment ever! Or so I thought. Never roam Walmart alone at 12 am. . . We waited like 20 min at check out it was horrible!!!! There was a couple like 3 spaces in front of us and all of sudden all we hear is the lady couple screaming at the cashier lady like screaming profanity and it was ridiculous her man friend was holding her back (made me think he had some sense) the cashier lady screamed something back & then the man started screaming back & i'm like o_o WHAA? So they leave 10 min later on our way to the car we were talking about it & what we didn't notice is that they were on the road not parked & we thought that they heard us once we got to the car cause they pulled in in front of us & parked. We were SCARED OUT OF OUR MINDS. We ran into the car and left as fast as we could. They honestly looked like psychos. . Very scary. VERY. Then at Y's house we ate chips and watched Breaking Dawn. Slept around 3:30am Y & I woke up around 12:45 pm. I went home and went to sleep at 5pm & woke up at 11pm.

somethings wrong with me o_o.  

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