Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My face just cannot stop smiling!

         Today was Valentine's Day & school was just full of balloons, chocolate, candy, bears, cards, grams EVERYTHING.
         So, last night my sister and I baked around 48 cupcakes and 24 brownies. THAT was a lot of baking.
 We all got our fair share to distribute today at school. I gave away most of them I have like 4 at home now. Well the point is I usually get something for Valentine's Day like a good amount of things. This year? Nada. (excluding a cupcake) & was like D': nobody loves me! MAHH! But I was thinking a little earlier and today I definitely experienced giving, & not receiving. But through that I feel like it was SO much more than I could ever get from anyone. Some people I gave cupcakes to were semi-random or valentine less people I could see they were happy. You can't understand how happy that made ME. At the end of school I saw my friend and I was like hey wanna cupcake? and he was like :O really?! and I was like YAH! and he was just so excited I "made his day". I just really really felt like God just helped me to open my eyes today & see from a completely different perspective. I'm starting to feel like He is working through or in me every single day. Everyday is just something new. Words cannot explain, what God did for me today.
          My day doesn't just end there! Y came, picked me up after school & we set out to STA. We were there for a bit & chilled with J & A. Then, the irresistible. CHINESE FOOD!! (Y assisted me on costs) Then then, conformation class! Today's topic was theology of the body oooooooh! Let me tell you small group was amazing! One of the confirmandees (??) was scared he actually had to have sex with his wife when they got married. So cute!
          Later, Y, K, J & I had a very very very meaningful and inspiring conversation. I didn't want to leave! Y drove me home and had an AMAZING convo. Y, I love you. I think today was just a day of small conversions and I feel like my heart got a little bigger & God just filled it completely. There is not much more I can say. Just that I feel beyond beyond beyond blessed.

Much love & happy Valentine's Day,
Melissa O. <3

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