March 6th?!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

It's March 6th, I last updated Feb 17. Ashamed yes I am. But it's not my fault! My laptop stopped working, so i'm updating from my phone. Not the funnest thing.
So much has happened In this half month. Like I said in the last post nun run happened that weekend (i'll elaborate & post pictures later) but we visited 2 convents in Alabama & the EWTN center. My favorite sisters were the Poor Clares! I loved them so much. The whole week after the trip I felt like I was ready to just move in with them but I first had to let the nun juices run out of my veins before I made rash internal decisions. And as of now i'm still pretty blank. Why you ask? Because i'm pathetic! Y knows this very clearly, i'm lovestruck! Haha. I am calm though so this is good. Some things should just be meant to be ;). I'm doing pretty good in my classes except my 2 year long classes need to be raised ASAP!

I was also at community yesterday & it was the day in which we talk about our week & how we applied the lesson of the week before. & a lady pointed out that I made myself sound inferior. & i've been thinking about that lately & I feel like it is true. I don't know if thats a good thing or a bad thing. I've said in a post before that I don't dream big bc you have to be realistic. But now i'm not really sure how things are suppose to work. I'm just on the mentality that there's no possible way in anything that I could be number 1 or be something special. I'm the girl who'll always be in like 15th place & just be regular. I always wonder what my talent is or what is it that I have to contribute to this world & what is it that I have to do. All of this is so confusing, & my thumbs are getting stiff. :)

I'll edit & update later on.

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