Multicultural "Soundtrack of my Life" project

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yay! Finally updating from a computer. A school computer.

We're not doing anything so I thought I'd just update now. For my literature class we had to do a "Sountrack of my Life" project. We had to choose 10 songs that represented 10 of our different writing voices. Nine were on paper and the tenth was a presentation, I did a video. The song I chose was 'These Words' by Natasha Bedingfield. I chose this particular song because I felt it described my struggle (?) in those 3 minutes. Some of the lyrics are:

 And I was gonna lay it down for you
Try to focus my attention
But I feel so A-D-D
I need some help, some inspiration
(But it's not coming easily)
Whoah oh...

This part for me is like the story of my life, i'm always interested but can never think of anything good to write. She's talking about a song but for me it's short stories. I've always wanted to write some type of work but I never have any good ideas or plots. I always get so distracted and never do anything.

As it goes on she says that those are her words, from heart flow. For me that means they're sincere and it's the best she can do. Same here. . . I think.

I want to say that the video is about me & my personality, as a writer (although I don't think i deserve 'writer' status. YET) and the pictures represent the events that have molded me into the girl, lady, muchacha, that I am today. And the girl I am today is the personality that will go into any writings. :)

I actually think blogger makes them like super, negative HD so it'll prob be a little blurry & unattractive. :(

Hope it works,

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