Thursday, April 05, 2012

2 important things happened today. I almost killed my family, and my dad got us a new laptop. 

Let me start with the first. I was driving out the mall, yadi yadi yah on Cobb Pkwy, when my blind self passed right through a RED LIGHT!!! I don't know if I was distracted or if the lights were to high up but I definitely didn't see them. There were cars coming from my left at an angle & they almost hit me. I stopped there for a second taking in what was happening while I was getting beeped at. I swerved out of the lane to avoid the cars and we were safe again. Those few seconds after, I was sweating, my heart was racing and my palm was to my temple. I was completely shocked. My first, almost accident. It didn't help that my mom and 2 siblings were with me. My mom just about had a heart attacked, earlier she had told me what a reckless driver I was. After we were home, I had to confess it to my dad. My mom thought I handled the moment pretty well, so that was a bit of a relief. 

After the almost accident we went to Anna's Linens for new covers for my brother's bedroom. I stayed in the car, dazed, and quickly called Chestnut (Y). Afterwards, my mom called me and told me to wait for my dad outside because he was going to pick me up and take a look at laptops. (Mine stopped working a couple months ago) AND I GOT ONE! Yay! I feel a little more complete now.  

Oh! another thing. I went to my local burger joint today. . (Burger King, hahaha) & i'm really lovin' what they're doing with the place! It looks a little more sophisticated. They changed the menus and everything! One thing that does tick me off though is that they have the Coca-Cola machine that has a bagillion flavors but it's never fully stocked when i'm there. It's out of flavors :(. BUT we did have a coupon for their newish mocha frappes, and let me tell you I personally think they're more delicious than McD's. They're more mocha-ee & chocolate-ee. Although my mom said the whip cream was a little too sweet. I thought it was deelish. We also had whoppers & I think they actually got BIGGER! Bc you know on TV it's like this puffy, huge, juicy, deelish burger, then you order it and you get, like, flat buns with something they call a beef patty? Well my burger was like the ones on TV! AND the newish-not-really-new thick cut fries were purityy good too! 

'Nother thing. I have a new nickname. LSP. (I know I said that too! sounds like a drug. Bet it is, bc i'm lumpin' awesome) LSP stands for Lumpy Space Princess. It's a long story. She's a character from Adventure Time on cartoon network. I just found a blog. It's AWESOME-
SO cute! I will leave you with this- 


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