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Monday, February 24, 2014

It has been quite a while since I posted. A few things that are coming up soon: my sister's confirmation and the Legacy retreat! I am so excited for both of these (I cry at every confirmation). 

The confirmation is this Tuesday at seven and my sister chose me to be her sponsor :o. It has seriously been my dream to be her sponsor since i was 3. And to be completely honest I have not been to confession in a very good while. AKA not living my responsibilities as a good Catholic and sponsor candidate. I decided that it was a more than a perfect time to get everything in my life together. Because confirmation is Tuesday i need to be absolved of all my sins before then to be able to receive the Body of Christ along with my sister. I went to mass last night and they usually have confession before it begins. So I got in line and all that good stuff. It was nearing the end and I wasn't sure if I was going to even make it. At this point I was just really excited and ready to finally go through with it. So at last one of the hospitality members lets us know that the priest will only be taking 2 more people, the lady about to go in and myself that was right behind her. WHEN A LADY WHO WAS IN FRONT OF ME BUT HAD LEFT TO SIT DOWN CAME BACK AND TOLD THE HOSPITALITY MEMBER SHE WAS NEXT. & when he let me know I was like *OK* and walked away when I should have stood my ground :( SO I did not get to go. I was very sad I almost cried. Fast forward to today I had an appointment at the Wellness Center by gym at 11AM and I decided to call Father B. to set up an appointment for me that day since I was going to attend noon mass. He let me know he was going to call me back in a few minutes and never did. :( then I went to mass and Fr. P. was giving it. I approached him to see if he was doing confessions and he let me know he wasn't feeling well. It was like the universe was doing everything in it's power to not allow me to go. Fast fast forward to around 3:30PM and I get a call from Fr. B, but I had to work at 4. I ended up making an appointment for tomorrow at 2PM. I am a little nervous because it will not be hurried and he will probably examine me from every angle. We'll see how it goes tomorrow :)

AND THE LEGACY RETREAT IS THIS WEEKEND. I am so excited not only to have a weekend off :P but to just get back on track with my faith. This just feels like the perfect week for everything. I also made myself in charge of snacks so I need to go to Costco. Chips and dip, pizza rolls, umm??? I love food so I am excited :P



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