What do u like 2 learn?

Friday, August 08, 2014

How do you keep your thought processes exciting and your perspectives fresh??

Initial activities that come to mind are self help books and brain teasers.

I think to myself and try to understand that not everyone can enjoy learning. But that can't be true. Life is just constant learning (this just took a philosophical turn) and even if its not learning from a book, we all have something that excites us.

My question is, if we're not finding how and what we like to learn as time passes us then why anythingWhy would we leave our thought processes at a 3rd grade level? And our mental capacity at 30%?
I'm not saying we should write in stone what our passions are at 16. But in the mean time, while we find what it is we are called to do, we should find different things that make us feel. Ideas and activites that ignite our souls and stimulate our lives. Whether they are permanent or temporary interests.
For myself, looking back, I felt my brain was constantly a flat wavelength. And as the years have passed me by, my thoughts have highs and lows. There's some brain activity! ;) For me, it has been reading others' thoughts,  balanced discussions, and research on topics that invoke my interest. ~brain exercises~ that have helped me stand for myself, give me a voice, and that keeps my perception on its toes. I think its also worthy to say it keeps me mentally healthy. Tbh at one point or another complacency becomes boring and more energy then its worth.

This is my experience and thoughts I would want to share with my younger self. & maybe these thoughts have a relate-tivity limit (I think I just made that up) and that limit is ME.
[A YouTube channel I recommend to grind you brain's gears is the PBS Idea Channel. I personally think its brilliant, funny, and visually appealing. The latest video, "Are there Internet dialects?" is a good one if you are familiar with internet language (meaning I do believe there are internet dialects, and I feel you can find this post in a certain "internet dialect"). And if you don't understand what I'm saying, well thats what the video is for. ;)]
Okay, its 2AM what am I doing.

also, there may or may not be such a thing as too much pink.

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