What's in my purse?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I have always wanted to do a what's in my purse post. Ever since I saw my first one on Michelle Phan's ricebunny channel. 

I have about 4 bags that I alternate on using but I will use the same one for a while. The one I am using at the moment is here. It's a basic small tote from Kate Spade. It's the City Stripe-Sidney small. You can find it here. (actually you can't because its no longer available but if it were, there you go)

I love this bag because it's a great size and it really does fit a lot! (As you'll see very soon) it's an open bag so no zipper or buttons but still has pockets in the interior. It's casual and goes well with almost anything. 

The tote I use when I'm feeling productive, or even a little sporty, is this one. (its freshly washed, that's why it looks small and wrinkly. :P)

One of my friends initially had one (monogrammed D:) and I totally fell in love with it. It's from Lands End (canvas tote in large) and you can find it here. I mostly use this one when I'm on the run. I just toss everything in there, and I feel a lot better about having to leave it in my car as opposed to an actual hand bag. 

I carry lots of unnecessary things and sometimes it does get a little heavy but I feel unprepared without them. I also notice that when I don't bring something it'll be the time I need it. So, let's begin. (For the record all the pictures are in black and white, & for the most part all the items in my bag are a sea of pink and gold. I saved you the eyesore!)

This pouch is my absolute favorite! It was a Christmas gift from my bestie last year. It is SO cute and really holds a lot. The texture is almost like suede, it is hot pink with orange text, and a sparkly zipper. It has so much personality. If I were to wake up as a pouch, that's what I would look like. It's from American Eagle and i'm not sure if you could still find it but here it is.

So in this pouch I mostly carry items for the lips. Beginning from left to right.

The first is a Lip Stick from Estee Lauder (did not buy it myself, it was a gift) from the Pure Color line. It's in the Rose Tea shade. It works pretty well, and i'm totally into those darker rosy/brown colors.

The second is a lipstick from M.A.C. (also was a gift :P) I absolutely love this color. It's in the basic lipstick line, the shade is Rebel. I got this one in the beginning of the year, it's a dark plum color. It makes me feel powerful and I'd love to have worn it in the summer and been like IDC! but I'll just wait till fall to rock this color. 

The third is a cheap Revlon lipstick (in the 420 Blushed shade) I got at Walmart hoping to imitate the shade on lipstick #6 but it wasn't what I was looking for but I still like it. I'm not into shimmer I prefer a matte look but I think its good to just swipe on at any time. 

The fourth is a VS Lip Shimmer in Possesion. It was ALSO a gift (look at my free loading ass). I prefer to wear this color at night because it IS a shimmer and I don't want people to think I'm a diva during the day (only at night)

The fifth is a lip plumper I got (yes me, I made the purchase) from Sephora. It's from the Sexy Mother Pucker brand in baby doll. At first I was upset for spending almost $20 on a product I felt was not working but just because I didn't look like Angelina Jolie it didn't mean it wasn't doing it's job. And to be honest I put it on more than I should for a plumper but I look good so??? who cares. MUAH. 

OMG. LAST ONE. RIP. This was just a normal purchase at the time, I saw it and decided why not give it a try. BEST DECISION EVER. I have ran out and EVERYTIME I GO TO ANY STORE THEY ARE ALWAYS OUT. I guess the other consumers also got the memo. It's Revlon's ColorBurst Matte Balm in sultry. I adore this color, its goes on so well, it's full of color, and it makes my lips look fuller. Think Kylie Jenner in all of her IG pics. I adore it. (it's almost my birthday *hint* I want it by the hundreds)

The last is a green eyeliner/eyeshadow from Maybelline and it's irrelevant. 

This is my wallet, I always get plenty of compliments on it. It's the Cherry Lane Stacy from Kate Spade, I have it in Surprise Coral.

It holds everything very well, I love the layout and its great if you don't carry many things in your wallet. It also has a coin zipper on the back. 

This particular pouch I carry with basic makeup. I'm not big on makeup so really anything that's in here is all I own. It's a gold shimmer bag from Estee Lauder (it was from a gift set).

You're probably wondering how it all fits, well, I make it fit. I have an eyelash curler and mascara. Which honestly I only use Mexican brand because the others will just not cooperate with me. I really do think its the best for everyone though. The face powder I use is by M.A.C (the studio fix, my color depends on the season). My blush is also from M.A.C. its the Mineralize Blush in Gentle. It's a little expensive especially if you're not into makeup and like don't wanna spend that kind of money on something not of much value to you. But lucky for me they were both gifts! Haha, but no in all seriousness they're really worth the money and last a good while. It's all I ever need. Although I recently started using Maybelline's Fit Me Liquid Foundation, to really even out my face. I absolutely love it and its really inexpensive. I know it doesn't work for all people but that's all make up. And then my brushes are all from ELF. $1 at target and they work well for me since I don't do anything fancy.

I carry this little notebook I got from TJ Maxx, it's a brown background with gold polka dots. I love it because it matches what I carry and the design is similar to the interior of another hand bag I own.  I like to pretend I'll have ideas and thoughts that will come to me in a spur of the moment and i'll have my cute journal with me. Well it hasn't happened. I always carry Altoids with me, specifically the peppermint flavor. I work in sales so it's always important to have fresh breathe. Lol. 

This is a pencil pouch from Kate Spade. It's fancy name actually being emma pencil pouch set. Also a gold accent pouch with a cute spade pendant for a zipper. Inspired by Austen's Emma. Honestly I haven't fully gotten through the book, but I love Pride and Prejudice if it counts for anything. Aha.  

The pouch comes with a ruler, 2 pencils, a small sharpener, and an eraser. All with the KS logo, it's too cute. I also added two pens that I bought from Target from the dollar section and a pink USB Drive. You really never know when you will need one. And it has come in handy in more than one occasion. 

I am absolutely in love with this agenda I purchased. They cover is so cute and the layout is great. It's a Bella Bookshelf agenda from Kate Spade. The months run from August of 2014 to 2015, so hopefully I will be able to keep up with it. I am very bad when it comes to agendas and journals. But hopefully for the price I won't be so careless. The agenda has gold accents so it's always makes one feel a little more chic. 

Yes, ANOTHER pouch. Basic Target/Walmart 1 of 3 set.

In here I carry miscellaneous items. I have the EOS Lip Balm and Hand Lotion. I am not the biggest fan of the lip balm I definitely prefer the ChapStick chap stick (LOL) to really hydrate my lips. But I do admire EOS for their scents!! I also have with my Carmex which I really prefer for when my lips need MORE than a little moisture. I have Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer and a Maybelline mascara (which I mainly use for my bottom lashes). I also carry a lighter with me, but I don't smoke. I remember I was in the parking deck of my school and someone asked me for a lighter but I obvi didn't have one. I think I just feel a little edgy having one. Or maybe I'm making a thread bracelet and I need fire to seal the deal. You never know. 

Last but not least, these may or may not make the final cut. Since they are things you wear I may forget to toss them back into my bag or leave them in my car. I got my sunglasses at TJ Maxx they're Betsy Johnson and have a sepia tint to them which I really like. The perfume is Bulgari's Omnia Garnet. It was a gift (do I ever buy anything for myself?) I adore the scent and I was going to say it makes me feel like a woman as opposed to all my past fruity scents. But maybe that's weird. 

and this is what it all looks when it's actually IN the bag. The only thing that's missing are my keys and my cell phone. It's a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and takes just as much space as the other pouches. :)

(the only reason I have links to forward you to the sites is to pretend I am a real blogger with followers who are curious of where to get the products I use)

"But Melissa, how do you expect to decolonize and dismantle capitalism if you continue to expend at that rate"
Consumerism is a disease and I try to work on myself daily.

I literally worked on this post for almost 3 hours what a headache. 
- M

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