Friday, March 06, 2015

I have been wanpicg to talk about the book club I'm part of for so long now.
It's called BYOB (bring your own book), and today was our second meeting. I have wanted to make a book club for sincerely the longest. Personally I used to love to read and wanted to get back into it with not only more structure, but see my friends point of view. I'm also really lucky my friend opened her apartment for us to go and meet.

I really wanted to put it into action since last year, but it was nearing December and it was so hectic we couldn't mean till the ends of January. We decided on the book and had a little social night and now our meeting today was actually discussing it. As our first real meeting I feel it could've gone better than it did. At least for me, but I hope my friends don't feel the same. I was reading some of the questions provided by the publisher as a guide, and at the fourth question they decided they liked the way our natural conversation about culture was going and they'd rather let it flow which I agree. But after that we no longer got a comment on the book and got off topic. I wasn't upset, what happens is that I feel very awkward and was hoping to return to the book but it didn't happen. And that's okay, I chose the book so maybe it was more interesting for me, I just feel like we just skimmed the top and talked about race in America (a theme in the book), but not more than that. Anyways, what happens is I feel fake making conversation that doesn't interests me and it is too much played out effort I rather just keep quiet. And I know my face wasn't very enthusiastic (I'm not going to fake smile), but I'm not gonna change it and I hope that I didn't come off as a bitch. I think one of my friends got upset, but I'm not sure what's expected of me. I had a good time and I hope they did too. Hopefully as the meetings go on we get a better hang of how to discuss and I know we will. :)

1st meeting. 1-26

today's, 2nd meeting. 3-6

 Next meeting I'm thinking Pizza and Soda .. ..  ..

Also, I drank coffee and now I'm probably ruined for tomorrow.

**edit: added pic

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