State of the Union: Summer 2015

Friday, May 01, 2015

I have been wanting to make a blog post for the longest. As always of course. But I will be at the grocery store and what not, and I get this amazing idea for a post. Of course by the time I actually get to pick up my laptop and type I have about 1000 I mesh into one post or none at all because I don't have the greatest memory. 

My last day of classes were last week and I just have a couple final exams left and I'm done for Spring 2015!! Earlier this year I was really contemplating what I was going to do this summer. I thought of taking a couple summer classes and I am still undecided about it. I decided (not without the amazing help and motivation from my mentor!) to apply for an internship. It was a fairly quick and easy process getting my resume together to be able to send out. Initially I did a few internship searches on a website and really found one that caught my attention and I immediately felt It was one I could properly use all my talents to really contribute to. I sent an email and got a call the next day asking to set up an appointment. I set it up and I was a little nervous the day of, but was confident that it was made for me that It wasn't to bad. :) My interviewer got to know me, I got a tour and a quick run down of the tasks, and he let me know my orientation date! I will be doing resettlement service with the International Rescue Committee. I will be helping refugees accustom themselves to life in the U.S. Help them with their homes, transportation, employment, doctors, schools, shopping, etc. Our final goal is citizenship. Not only will I be doing personal work, but I will also be doing administrative work. And if you know me, you know I love to do all this typing, organizing, busy work. I am so excited as I feel this fits in perfectly with something I can see myself doing in the future. I also feels it ties in all my passions into one job description. I know there is always a chance of disillusionment, but I am positive and sure that no matter what I will leave a mark.

There are a few more plans (PLAN) that my soul is dying to do for fall. Absolutely dying to do. One and only bolded bucket list type thing. Dreams of a still sparkly young girl. I have it planned out, and all I need is a yes and some more specifics. I think I would cry. When I got an unexpected and initial taste of what could be, I knew there was no way it would happen. I'm not sure if because I got the internship that I feel motivated, or I just want it so bad there wasn't stopping me finding a way, but now there are definitely possibilities. 35% chance I believe. I am getting a little caught up with what could be. I need to be positive and think that I will get it, so I can make it happen, but I am also trying my best to stay in touch with reality so I am not so let down. But this truly is a dream!! With this venture there are no losses, only gains. Gains in all aspects of my life that I can't even imagine. Spiritually, professionally, mentally, emotionally, I mean everything. IF it happens. I will list it all!

Pray for me, and God's plan for my life.

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