A Sappy Post

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

I have been so full of love for my brother and sister these days. I have many roles I identify with, including sister, but I don't really think about it as a big sister. It blows my mind to think there are two human beings that consider me, whether they like it or not, someone to look up to. But that's what I am and I am so happy to be that for them. My brother is a teenager and my sister a young adult and though they have a long way to go I am amazed at the people they are. They're intelligent, considerate, passionate about the things they love and good at the things they love. I always try to make sure that they know I am someone who they can confide in and will understand them, no matter the situation, know they have someone who will support and lift them up. They must know this because it's something that our parents have instilled in us. We have a close bond and every few months I remind them, that no matter what happens as we get older we have to try our best to stick together and be good to each other. Not only for my parents sake, but for ours. I think having a broken relationship with either sibling would be something that would truly break my heart and could not live with.

A few weeks ago I was in a terrible mood (I'm naturally moody but this was a bit different), Emily, my sister was visibly upset and she said that my mood really affects the atmosphere. And not so long ago I was also a bit down and she was sad too and said that when I'm sad she's sad and it really did touch me because my sister is literally very sensitive to me. We have this thing we say that sheis very much the mediator between my brother and I. Emily and I rarely fight but Juan and I can't speak for more than five minutes without blowing up (although we forget about it immediately after). The only times she fights with him is when she's on my side, which is usually. We were at dinner earlier and Juan mentioned that we're on different spots of the political spectrum (me being on the more left, him a little more right, and Emily in the middle). Emily disagreed and said she was with me "because I knew where it's at." She's so cute, really I love her so much. Juan is in his second Chinese language class, as I mentioned in my last post, and has a very big chance of going to China in the summer. I don't see why not, so I hope it will go smoothly and his trip will happen. I would really love him to travel far and I think this will mature him and confirm his current dreams of being an English teacher abroad. I am proud he has a vision and he's taking the steps to make it happen. He spends his time practicing Chinese and immersing himself in Chinese media. He really is very knowledgable on the this subject and related ones.

Emily's role in our relationship is the mediator (middle child symptom?) and I think her charm is her artistry. Juan is the devils advocate (why we fight) and I think his charm is that he's like this information sponge. I consider myself the de facto maknae AKA the youngest one. I truly am like a helpless baby when I'm with them (though I maintain my authority with an iron fist 😇).

I think our close bond is one of the greatest gifts and blessings I have.
I found a forgotten post on them I wrote about a year ago: here (and I say almost literally the same thing ha!)
Our "sibling war" responses from a FB post that was going around.
Melissa Emily Juan
1. Who's the smartest one? All in different ways, Melissa, Melissa
2. Most spoiled? Melissa, Juan, Juan
3. Most sensitive? Melissa, Emily, Melissa
4. Worst temper? Juan, Juan, Juan
5. Most social? Melissa, Melissa, Melissa
6. Most stubborn? Juan, Juan, Juan
7. Most organized? Melissa, Melissa, Melissa
8. Who's liable to fight? Juan, Juan, Juan
9. Best cook? Emily, Emily, Melissa
11. Who was the bad kid? Juan, Juan, Juan
12. Who has the biggest heart? Melissa, Emily, Melissa
13. Who's the quietest? Emily, Emily, Emily
14. Who's the worst driver? Emily, Emily, Emily
15. Who was born 1st? Melissa, Melissa, Melissa
16. Who is better at sports? Emily, Emily, Juan
17. Best hair ? Juan, Melissa, Juan
18. Most kids? none
19. Coffee drinker? Emily, Emily, Emily
20. Who is the loudest? Juan, Juan, Juan
21. Who is most conservative? Juan, Juan, Juan
22. Most expensive taste? Emily, Emily, Melissa
23. Who's the tallest? Juan, Juan, Juan
24. Who's travelled the furthest? Melissa, Melissa, Melissa

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