State of the Union: I am not a Weeaboo

Monday, February 27, 2017

I'm in Atlanta these days, feeling the effects of global warming. Both yesterday and today were extremely hot. The sun was bright and you'd suffocate in a closed car. It's supposed to be about 15 degrees cooler tomorrow, but we'll see about that. I would say that's just Georgia weather for you, but I think it's all along the East Coast. (wrote this a coupled day ago, and today was FREEZING)

Anyways it's been a MINUTE. I miss yelling into the void.

Sometimes, and this is a problem, I can't differentiate what the public do and don't know about me. I'm always posting on Instagram so I feel like everyone knows my business (don't care bc I'm not really doing anything with my life). But from like mid-January to now I feel like my life has been constantly surrounded by East Asian STUFF. & I'm like are my followers hyper aware of that fact?
Reasons are as follows:

  1. So I've only listened to my Korean playlist for more than a month (I'm too loyal rn) My sister has been into KPOP since last fall and I succumbed several weeks ago.
  2. My food has been pho, curries, sushi and (high quality) instant ramen. My parents have been on vacation for a month, I can't cook so we've been eating out. & ya'll know my go to food is anything Asian (appreciation post HERE).
  3. A bulk of what I'm learning/immersed in ATM is in Asian economic, social, political factors mostly Japan, Korea, & China. I'm in an Asian Cultures class as well as Politics of the Pacific Rim.
  4. My brother is in a Chinese language class, is generally knowledgeable about East Asia so a lot of our conversation revolves around that.
So I can't even escape it if I wanted to, which I don't 😜.  It's so exciting to learn about new countries and culture, especially when you're getting it from all sides. It's like a crash course.

I said I would never watch it again, but here's a video I made of my trip to my local Asian food market (warning cringy voiceover). Laugh at me.

I am also active on my Tumblr again so check it out.

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