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Saturday, July 01, 2017

As you can see I couldn't wait to write this post! 😐

If you read my first Bearded Dragon post, I urged everyone to make sure to do their research before posting a pet. It's obvious, but you have to think twice if it was thorough enough.

We bought a 20 gallon Zoo Med Reptihabitat.

I guess there are conflicting suggestions and contradictions, but overall I don't think I recommend this set.

Number one, don't go with the twenty gallon. It's okay for baby and juvenile beardies, but you might as well go with forty gallon or more for when they reach full size. If anything you could probably section it off.

So it came with:

  • 10lb of sand: Everywhere I read says avoid sand at all costs as they might digest it or land in their eyes. Zoo Med says avoid for juveniles and you can use it for when they're older. . . but this 20G size is mostly appropriate for JUVENILES. Why would I need it?
  • Thermometer: It is the tape kind that you attach to the tank. I read it could be off by 20 degrees, and its imperative that you buy a proper thermometer. 
  • 5.0 compact UVB: All suggestions go for a 10.0. This light is what mimics the sun and gives of UVB rays necessary for Vitamin D3, which is essential for their bones and general growth. Zoo Med says this size is appropriate for the tank size. I believe that to some extent, but many recommendations say to stay away from compact sizes as the beardie will not really get the necessary amount. They need one that will stretch across the entire tank. 
  • 100W Basking lamp: I think 100W is not appropriate, but I am waiting for a proper thermometer to see if this is true or not.
  • 1000W Infrared heat lamp: It is a red bulb meant to use at night, but many have said to not use it as it does bother the beardies and doesn't allow them too see (contrary to what was once believed). Zoo Med said it is fine and the special light they use they can't see, but I don't want to take my chances.
  • Beardie food: They are pellets, and although they might come in handy as a baby they need mostly live feed and some vegetables. As they get older it is vice versa. 
  • Calcium w/o D3: I am not sure about this, I guess if the beardie is getting enough D3 from their UVB then this wouldn't be a problem. But I also wouldn't want him to have a deficiency. I will do more research on it. 
I don't just agree with randoms on the internet, but to the overwhelming consensus. 

My overall feelings are that more than half of what came in the tank is useless to me, if not detrimental. I have to replace almost everything, but the actual tank itself. I think it would have saved us (my sister) money to buy things separately. Honestly, it's not the price. More the waste and the fact that there would have been peace of mind to purchase everything properly from the beginning. It sounds like an over exaggeration, but I am stressed all day observing him for any strange/dangerous behavior. Especially when it comes to his basking. I need a proper thermometer ASAP.

He is obsessed with that with that little driftwood. I've switched between the UVB light and the heat lamp to see changes in his behavior and it doesn't matter what light it is under he will stay there. I decided he wasn't dumb and would move if it was too hot, but I think his love for that driftwood trips any overheating or deficiency. He was as close to the heat lamp today as he could and kept gaping his mouth open (to regulate his temperature to optimal levels). In the beginning I felt bad because that probably meant he hadn't been warming up properly. But he did it too often and I came to the conclusion that he was just being too lazy (or stubborn) to move. And he kept looking up at it and I'm like- boy, you're going to go blind or cause damage (with the UVB too). He also almost went to a trance when he was doing that so it really got me worried. AGAIN, I need the thermometer and I can come to a proper conclusion.

moved his tank around today, but he was regulating his temperature for too long

switched his favorite wood in the middle, for better UVB exposure if he needs heat he can go to his basking side

I know, I know this doesn't look like a traditional reptile habitat. But apart from my concerns (which kind of sounds like everything) he is being monitored and taken care of thoroughly. His well being won't be compromised for the aesthetic. But he does have a sweet little corner on his cool side 😉🍇🎀💕👛💄🌂🔮👚🍥🍧🌺.

*sigh* regardless of the concerns, he is eating well, interacting well, passing stool well, etc. My sweet momo-chan 😭.

Wish me luck 😫
Melissa 🐝

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