Monsta X: The First World Tour (Beautiful in Atlanta)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

YALL. I so forgot that I was needed to write a post on the MONSTA X concert this past Sunday.

I wrote about HOO! Monsta X (pun intended) was earlier in May. They are my absolute favorite band. Every damn song is a BOP. I love every single member equally, but I do have to come to terms that the one I talk about about 30% more is Kihyun. Before I go on, watch this performance first. Personally, it is my favorite song of theirs (honestly as soon as I said that I thought of seven more, but if I HAD to choose). The video quality, the visuals, their voices, the choreography, their makeup, their hair, their outfits, the camera angles, the lighting, their expressions, their fluid movements, the position of the microphone against their mouths- amazing.


Monsta X has been active for two years now, but I just began stanning them in March during the Beautiful era (the song above). The day I received the tweet for the official tour dates and locations and saw it included Atlanta I was in #tears. I was so happy, so over the moon. I was so sure I was going to snag the hi-touch (meet and greet) tickets that I did not even think twice. Unfortunately, the day of, things didn't go as planned and I got non-hi touch tickets. Later on I purchased two that were closer and sold the originals.

As I mentioned in my B.A.P concert experience when a KPOP group reaches certain popularity they will release their official light sticks that people will take to events and concerts. Monsta X announced theirs on their two year anniversary and I ordered mine off the official website immediately and received it around mid-June. I could not wait to use it!

it's so beautiful but drains batteries like nobody's business

Going back to the B.A.P concert, I really took some awesome photos and videos but for Monsta X I really just took low quality Instagram snap videos.

There was one very sad mark on the concert though. One of the members, Hyungwon, had to stay back in Korea to recover from a health concern. I 100% rather him rest and recover, but I also would have sold my soul to see him. Yes for my sake, but also because it is their first world tour and he is missing out on it. He must be so crushed. Hopefully he is getting better and will join his members for the rest of the tour. There are four shows in the states (more in Asia, South America, & Mexico woohoo) left and I hope he is able to experience them. and monbebes can show him much love.

About the concert itself- it was such a surreal experience. It's like you can't believe they were in front of you. They all have so much presence, charisma, and talent that I am sure it blew all monbebes away. I'm sure the Cobb Energy Center staff were shook too. The light sticks looked so nice. So many people had one and there's nothing more I love than being uniformed and in sync lol.

I preordered a single piece of merch after much consideration (brokebebe) and I am so glad I did. It's a knit slogan so, pretty much a scarf with Monsta X details printed on it, specifically about the world tour and they sometimes wear it as part of their last outfit of the show so it feels kinda special ya know. And seeing as it is a scarf, I'm gonna be warm and fly AF in the winter.

Hmmm, I think I'm going to make a separate post of all the KPOP merch we have so far, though it's not much.

The set list was amazing of course, there are some songs I wish they would have included but then again, I'd have them perform everything they have ever released. And of course, Hyungwon was missing so my heartttt.

Like I said, I have no videos. But I couldn't go without posting one, this is Trespass- their 2015 Debut song. 

I am so happy and thankful that I was able to have attend the event and have this experience. I'm so glad I live in the 21st century lol. I hope they come back to a bigger stage and I can also be there- this time with premium tickets :(. They have broadcasted live videos and posted on other platforms so they are really being considerate and we are getting so much content.

OH and they are coming out with a summer JAM in about one week so it's gonna be LIT. I have no idea what the sound of this song is, but the concept looks fun so I am there to support of course.

They are honestly working so freaking hard and I pray it all pays off. They also began broadcasting season two of their Monsta X Ray series. I laughed my butt of on this first episode so I am looking forward to the rest of the season.

 This has been a wonderful PSA
 Melissa 🐝 ^

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