KPOP Talk #2: NCT Dream & Haul

Friday, August 18, 2017

This didn't take too long!

In my last post I mentioned NCT Dream's possible comeback! Well the teaser videos and pictures are out. All the boys looks are so cute. Apparently they have a Peter Pan theme going on. Their teaser videos were stages with curtains. NCT Dream is a temporary unit made up of younger teens and seeing as Mark is the oldest (black hair), this may be his last comeback hence the only curtain close out of all the members. My bias is Jeno and my bias wrecker is Renjun (last two).

I want to preorder their album but I have to really get it into my head that I just can't afford it?? LOL
I actually made a cart with all the albums on my shopping list. It's really not bad, but I have to be responsible. :( WAH.


We Young has been released! Of course they also have the Chinese version on YouTube. I was so taken aback by Jisung! He has grown so much, long gone are his chubby cheeks. He's blossoming into a beautiful young man lmao. 

On the left is Jisung Chewing Gum era and right is Jisung We Young era. I guess he doesn't look TOO different here, but nctzens can tell.. . right??

I don't know much about the technicalities in music, so it's amazing to me that they can keep a similar sound throughout all their songs/comebacks. We Young just sounds so NCT Dream-y.


I actually have a kpop haul coming in the mail!! I ordered it through Kpopmart and with my experience with my last preorder with them (Jessi- Gucci), I am guessing it'll arrive in about one month LOL :(. 
I was deciding between completing my purchase with kpopmart, music choice la, or my beloved local kpop store. I ordered six albums 😱. music choice la was $20 cheaper, but kpopmart came with 4/6 posters. I'm not big on posters, but my sister talked me into getting them. If I didn't get with posters I most likely would have gone with buying them from the local store since I love to support them. The cost of the album/product itself is pricier than online but that's before shipping which is an ARM AND A LEG ($57 for this last purchase). It's also super satisfying to be surrounded by merch and the feeling of getting the album in your hands immediately after purchase. KPOP Store USA is literally my sister and I's happy place and the owners are soo sweet. They really care about their customers.

Although I did splurge on this last haul, I really needed the albums to just get it out of my system and live in peace. A month or more ago I was so adamant about collecting all album version and major/official merchandise for Monsta X (photobooks/fanclub/DVDs) but since I can't afford it I had no choice but to move past it. Maybe in the future I can do it.

One piece of good news is that WJSN opened up their 1st generation fan club for a limited time in August. I was so so happy. The price of the actual box is affordable, but like I said, shipping is such a burden and is actually almost double the value of the box. I watched YouTube unboxings and it really doesn't come with much. Although I really wanted to be in the official fanclub, I didn't know if it would be worth it. Well I went ahead and purchased it anyway and I am so happy 😂.

When my albums arrive from kpopmart I will finally be making my merch post! Stay tuned.  

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