KPOP Talk #1: August Comebacks & JPN Aesthetic

Friday, August 04, 2017

I keep thinking that I'm fairly new to all this, but forget that- I've earned my spot.

So I'm starting this "segment" and I hope I can keep up with it every now and then when I feel the need to?

Quick about me: Monsta X first and foremost. 😏

WJSN, NCT are my next top two.

Also- Seventeen, BTS, Twice, B.A.P, VAV (in no order)

Current debuts & comebacks 
I know people STAY putting out music, but for some reason this timeframe feels -so- overwhelming. 
  • Monsta X just released a song/MV named Newton, for their Lipton CF. Thankfully its not official- BUT they just made their Japanese comeback with Beautiful so I need to cop all 3 versions of their album.. . .
  • VAV (with a member of No Mercy) is still relevant with ABC (middle of the night) especially with their Mwave nomination
  • Jessi released Gucci (mini album and song by the same name) and is coming out with a video for arrived. (I preordered my copy like 3 weeks ago and it JUST shipped).
  • Gfriend made a comeback 
  • Exo made their comeback (I'm a fake anti lmao)
  • Red Velvet made their comeback
  • ONF (also with a member from No Mercy) debuted
  • Samuel debuted (!!) and he's such a cutie, I think he teared up on his debut stage.
  • JJ Project is back too
  • CLC made a comeback (though I don't really know much about them)
  • Winner made a comeback
  • Girls Generation made a comeback
  • Longguo & Shihyun debuted with the.the.the and I didn't know who they were but I realllyyy loved the style! (also other produce 101 debuts, and the upcoming wanna one) 
  • K.A.R.D "debuted" lol
  • Boyfriend just released a comeback teaser since forever
  • & there were rumors/talks/idk that NCT Dream was coming back. Did you see their new hair? Jisung is jolly rancher blue. OH and B.A.P too!
  • and lets be honest, am I really over Shine Forever and Cherry Bomb? That was only in June
unrelated, but I kind of wanted to watch idol school. I heard it slick flopped though? and I don't really understand the premise and why there are popular ex trainees if it's supposed to be regulars. 

I have so much more merchandise to buy on my list. My merch focus is really Monsta X and WJSN. I have to admit, I really don't understand the hype on photocards? They don't call me, but I get it if you're truly trying to collect it all. Honestly, I am super hesitant on spending #money on goods. One, I don't have it 😪 so I get anxious lol. Two, limited release stuff is truly expensive. Three, I know I might fall out of love (it happened with 1D) but then again I think I'd still treasure my collections. - right?
ALSO- I am going to make a KPOP merch post here on my blog, I will wait for some stuff to come and things I plan to buy soon and I think it might be a b/vlog combination
*I am about to join a group order for Monsta X Beautiful JPN. hehe. (I think, I have until ends of August to think about it)
The MV for Beautiful JPN came out and WOW. Usually you get so used to the Korean versions that the Japanese version just doesn't sound quiet right. Beautiful is my favorite song and the Japanese version is just as good if not better :o. I also feel like BTS's Blood Sweat and Tears video is similar to MX JPN Hero and Beautiful. Not that they're copying each other, but I guess there's an aesthetic thats trending? Like neon, dark fluorescent type look. Or what is it exactly?


BTS Blood Sweat and Tears JPN

MX Beautiful JPN

As I mentioned earlier I also bought Jessi's Gucci, I just love her and want to support her and her album is so good and from the heart. <3 

Although all of my talk was unnecessary, this next one is truly just a rant.
MWAVE voting
Earlier in June, Mnet began intl. fan votes to nominate their favorite current artist for an award at the 2017 MAMA. Each month until October, the top artists of that particular month will be nominated and you can vote for them then. Monsta X was eligible in June with Beautiful, in July with Shine Forever, and now again August for Shine Forever again. In June it was pretty much Monsta X against Winner (there are 20+ nominated each month but I mean that our scores were significantly higher), we kept exchanging the leads and eventually winner won :(, a 20,000 vote difference with their score around 450,000. In July things heated up and at first it was us (Monsta X) against Mamamoo but other groups took notice. Soon Hyoyeon was advancing ridiculously fast, ikon stepped it up and towards the end out of nowhere T-ARA took the win (WITH 4.8 MILLION VOTES TO SEE HOW THE VOTES INCREASED, MONSTA X IN 5TH PLACE WITH 2.3MILLION). Both times, as a constant VLIVE user I had to stop getting on because it was just too much to handle (everyone posting and reminding). Now in July we are only in day 1 but we are against Exo and they are 5,000 votes ahead. . . they will be a difficult competitor but maybe we can hold our won? I have 100 accounts I will *try* to be voting from. It's so superficial and not important, but it does take a toll. OH and one last thing, VAV is also nominated in this category along with Jessi with Gucci and WJSN (again) with Happy Moment 😰😰😰. I want to vote for all of them, but I barely vote for Monsta X 😪


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