feeling sick

Friday, September 08, 2017

*sigh* it's one of those times. mental and emotional exhaustion has hit. every now and then i get nauseous 😢, physically ill- due to all the conflicts, issues, and crises happening. if you're keeping up with the current events there's no use reiterating (i've actually tried but i have no words or energy). that and long time issues that see no resolution near. everything you can think of has been stressing me today. as for tonight's final trigger: a loved one trying to evacuate south florida tomorrow, thinking of our own emergency preparations here in atlanta, and an 8.0 magnitude earthquake that just hit the west coast of Mexico. im just exhausted.

i'm hurtling straight into full blown nihilism. i didn't want to be that bitch, but i see why people are like that.

im not even trying to be funny but as of now the only thing keeping me sane is Jimin's Serendipity. 

*yesterday I saw a post on instagram that said:
"my therapist reminded me that it's ok to go offline bc we aren't made to process human suffering on this scale."
Do you think there is any truth in that?
*I also think that maybe some people think I am exaggerating but it truly takes a toll on me. Someone always tells me it's not that big of a deal, xyz doesn't happen, etc. As if they just want me to detach myself from the realities of human suffering. Although a mental and emotional break is needed every now and then, I really don't see myself pretending nothing is happening. I understand that everyone has different levels of empathy and consideration as well as different coping methods- but don't try to deny the truth or discredit other people's experiences. 

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