KPOP Talk #3: BTS Comeback

Friday, September 22, 2017

Would I call myself an Army? When you live with an Army it's a little hard to do that. I love BTS, but I wouldn't call myself one. . . well not until a couple days ago. The turning point? Release of their latest comeback: Love Yourself: Her. The album is so good ya'll!! I was totally blown away. I'm not a stranger to all things Bangtan, but this comeback made a much bigger space in my heart. (Jin was SHINING 🌟)

Their title track m/v, DNA, accumulated a total of 22.9 million views in 24hrs. Making it the 11th highest watched MV in 24hrs. It's amazing, they broke that record in the KPOP realm only earlier this year, but with a third of the views. Well deserved! I was streaming myself. Seriously, ALL DAY. I even had a cramp on my hand at bedtime. In the bathroom and in silence I would hear the whistle tune, it was wild and a little discomforting haha.

They had a comeback show yesterday and it was amazingly done. They went back to their roots, their audition and debut experiences. Their first win and string of impressive accomplishments in the last year. It was recorded in their dorms and studios, so it was a very intimate and personal experience. Very thankful that they've shared that with us. It was a tear jerker.

I have only listened religiously to five out of the eight song tracks. 

Intro: Serendipity: ah, the Jimin solo song we all needed. I've linked it in my last post. One word: Angel.

MIC DROP: a shout out the haters. In an industry where three entertainment companies dominate the scene, debuting from a small, relatively unknown company can be more than tough. In this track they expressed their emotions on being underestimated and treated unfairly. I loved the lyrics. And although its totally a diss, it's a peaceful one. As rapmon said in their comeback show, the anger and resentment is gone so it's just like "i'm good- you (the haters) do you boo."

Pied Piper: boy, an Army diss track as they say. Haha. I'll let you read the lyrics yourself:
Now stop watching and study for your test
Your parents and director hate me
Video clips, pictures, tweets
V app, Bon Voyage
I know, you can’t help what you like
But stop, interpret the music video later
You have so many pictures of me in your room anyway
It’s not just one hour, it’s a whole year that’ll disappear
So this song is an award I’m giving to you
Maybe I’m a bit dangerous
Like the pied piper
I’m testing you
Like the fruit from the tree of good and evil
My pipe awakens everything
That sound burns you up even more
You’re pulled by it, you react
I’m endlessly blowing
I’m your guilty pleasure
You can’t escape
Follow the sound of the pipe, follow this song
It’s a bit dangerous but I’m so sweet
I’m here to save you, I’m here to ruin you
You called me, see? I’m so sweet"

This is like #the anthem, not to mention the melody is addicitng. They know what's up. 

Go Go: Ah,  for me this is the best song out of the album (although Mic Drop is my favorite, don't know how that works either). 

It's all about spending that 💰 and having no regrets. But honestly, I think it might be a bit of satire on that mentality. Regardless, their comeback show performance for it was sooo lit. The outfits were on point. The dance. . . . THE DANCE. They did the infamous backpack boy dance, and if you blinked then you missed another iconic dance. The white people rocking it out (min 2:59). (read: Goth Underpass Rave). 

Now on the physical album release. . . 1. It is a beautiful album. Could they have done a little more? I think so. I wasn't disappointed, but I feel like they missed a good chance to make it impressive, especially given the size of the current fandom. Their are four versions, L, O, V, & E. My sister has preordered all four and they are waiting for us at the KPOP store. I am still contemplating whether or not I should get my own copy. I've still to purchase Jung Sewoon so it might have to wait. I watched a couple unboxings and there is this one Jin photocard, so cute I need it!

I really wasn't going to post the photo, but I couldn't help it.

Hate them or love them, you can't deny this is BTS' era. I won't speak on their domestic trends, but their international influence, popularity, and stats are unmatchable. Cheers!
EDIT: my phone alerted me today that not only did they hit the Billboard 200, but were ranked 85 on the Billboard Hot 100! Congrats BTS, another goal achieved. "Team work makes the dream work" - Namjoon
Melissa 🐝 

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