Thursday, January 11, 2018

left to right: Ravi, Hyuk, Leo, Hongbin, N, Ken

MBC's annual end-of-the year music program (MBC Gayo Daejejeon) was broadcasted on New Year's Eve. I didn't catch the other stations' end-of-the year programs since Monsta X was only invited to this one. My other favorites artists, including my bias gg WJSN, were also invited so I wouldn't be missing out.
ACTUALLY, now that I remember I didn't catch it live, but I watched all the performances in the morning. By the GRACE OF GOD 🙏🏾, I clicked on Vixx's Shangri La performance. It was my best decision of 2018 so far. 

The performance was truly captivating. Due to the end of the year award shows, festivals, and events, you get used to hearing the same ten songs over and over again. Vixx hadn't, to my knowledge, participated so it was something new to everybody (everyone who doesn't keep up with them that is). I've watched this performance so many times!

I went and checked Twitter to see if there was any buzz and to my delight the internet was in agreement. Shangri La was that bitch on New Years Eve. Both Korean and International 'netizens' were praising Vixx, even as far as to call for their participation in the upcoming Pyeonchang 2018 Winter Olympics. Their performance trended no. 1 on Naver (our Google equivalent) and their past performances began to trend right behind.

I've been a Starlight for a whole ass week now. It makes me feel like 2018 is gonna be my year lmao.

I actually feel like trash because I was there for Shangri La's release back in May, but only watched the music video once. Since I'm fairly new to KPOP, I've just now began to "consume" the content much more critically and aware. Before I didn't know who was who or how the industry worked so it all went over my head. Okay maybe I'm making excuses as to why I didn't recognize Vixx. 

OH- Starlights were not only feeling triumphant because their group was getting the recognition and praise they 👏🏾   deserved, but because MBC had snubbed them during their initial Shangri La comeback.

Twice was also making their comeback and the thumbnail for the music show's online stream was as you see above. . . . . what kind of tom foolery?? "and also vixx" in like the worst Microsoft word font. It wouldn't be as bad (maybe?) if Vixx wasn't their senior by three years (that's a whole toddler). It just looks like a bad after-thought edit. 
Both Starlights and MBC got their just deserts since Vixx caused enough of a stir that MBC ?invited them? to perform Shangri La again at the then upcoming Music Core show (the same one they were disrespected at) seven months after it's intial release. 

This whole thing was supposed to head in a completely different direction. But my first paragraph got too long and spawned into it's own post. I was here to say that although Hyuk had my mouth OPEN, my full attention- struck dead by his visuals-

I made the mistake best decision watched Ravi's solo song- Bomb. . . Have you guys seen that like 2007 episode of Totally Spies where this one musician put like hypnotizing powers into his music to brainwash people who hear it into his zombies? I THINK THAT'S WHAT RAVI IS DOING BECAUSE IT TOOK ONE LISTEN AND I AM HOOKED. TH EPOINT OF THIS POST WAS TO WRITE A WHOLE REVIEW (I AM CRYING RIGHT NOW) ON HIS MINI ALBUMA ND MIXTAPE BUT THAT WILL COME UP NEXT.. . . UGH RAVI. . like Monsta X is my ultimate bias group and Kihyun is my ultimate bias but Ravi is really out here coming for Kihyun's wig. 

but seriously, more on his solo activities in the next blog post. 
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