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Monday, January 22, 2018

Ravi, Ravioli, give me the formuoli.

sorry I had to do it
For those that don't know, Ravi is the sole rapper of South Korean boy group VIXX. Although I listen to different music throughout the day, my Ravi o(n)ly playlist is my night/sleep playlist. I seriously play his entire discography. It might seem like a sleep playlist is the worst kind of playlist to be in, but it's really where you can lay down and be at peace and really listen to music.

I stayed up until 4am to catch the release of his music video for his latest mixtape- Nirvana.

when have I EVER been this early for something
Other than the fact that he looks so good 🌞, I really respect and admire him as an artist. With KPOP in general I feel like there's this closeness to the artist that you can't get with Western artists. With Ravi in particular, he produces and writes his own music. His album artworks, music videos, photoshoots, and other directions are being overseen and approved according to his tastes. When I "consume" his content I feel a sort of intimacy knowing that I am seeing and listening to his visions.
I am not an artist, in the purest form of the word, but I can understand the passion and objective behind it all.

Although I've been binge consuming Ravi content for the last two weeks straight, I don't really know him?? So I could always be super far from his intentions.

He's released three solo sets.
(mixtape) R.EBIRTH: March 12, 2016
(mini album) R.EAL1ZE: January 9, 2017
(mixtape) Nirvana: January 22, 2018

I love that these are like almost exactly a year apart (his first mixtape songs began releasing in January of 2016).

(I will say I won't talk about his BARS BECAUSE GUESS WHAT I CAN'T UNDERSTAND, I guess I can read the translations, and I have, but it's not the same you know?? ESPECIALLY WITH RAPPING. now i'm sad).


For his first mixtape, R.EBIRTH, he has a total of 14 songs. If I HAD to pick my favorites. . .  . . . in no order.

8. Good Woman:
13. Lucid Dream
7. Nod
I don't want to count the Interlude but it's so nice
3. Lean on me
okay what's happening now is that I'm slowly starting to list all his songs but I really mean that I can't choose between them

What I loved after listening to these tracks is his versatility. You can't get bored because all the songs are slightly, if not completely, different. Another thing that really hooked me is how animated he is. Like in Good Woman (which I have to play several times a day) the little voice thing he does at the very beginning of the first verse is so charming. He does it again, differently, in the rest of the verse and in the chorus. Ya'll I love that little rift so much. Honestly, I don't understand Korean and I should probably read the lyrics carefully, but I find this song so sensual. Though I will say that during my first listen I thought the first rapper after him was Mad Clown.

For Lucid Dream the chorus is what makes the song for me. I just think he's so animated, really I can't get over it. I find it cute?? I'm currently listening to whatever song I'm discussing and I am sure cute is not what he was going for but that is what I find him in this song. Nothing against Microdot & he sounds good, but I really love this song so much I wish it was just Ravi 😅

Okay I'm really not going to go through all these songs because it's just reminding me that I don't know anything about hip hop. But I do know that these are all quality songs.


The first four songs are new, and the last three overlap from R.EBIRTH. BOMB is the song that made me fall in love with him. I won't lie, the little intro he does- talking about swag, I was like Okay... but now it's my favorite part and I wish I could have it on loop for an hour.

He features San E and I like watching them interact in the music video but Ravi's live music show performances is done solo. Thus, he has to replace San E's rap and in it he does the little voice rift and it makes me want a studio version of it, someone tell me if it's available!! If you'll only watch one of the three videos, do the second live performance. You might think he's just gonna stand there and rap- nope, he has a bomb choreography. 

It is still not on Spotify 😔. I would be worried since it's been a day now, but they just posted his 2016 mixtape a couple weeks ago so it should be on there soon? In the meantime: his title track/mv Nirvana featuring Park Jimin from 15&:

I do want to start by saying that all though I've only been praising him I am most critical of the people I love the most. I am not 100% sure how I feel about the song yet. It's not a bad thing I'm just trying to bring all the details together. It may also be because I'm here for the release as opposed to his earlier tracks where I found them all together. 

His music video was pretty psychedelic, I like that it matched the vibes you got from his album/promotion artwork. It reminded me a little of Hyolyn's Blue Moon video, I think she had some pink grass and other aesthetic stuff. Which reminds me- okay, I hate saying this out loud for whatever reason, but it's wild to me how much his producing team -GROOVL1N- overlaps with Groovyroom (signed to H1GHR MUSIC). So what they have in common isn't really much- producers, "groov", and association with 1 as the letter I, and a song named alcohol? I'm not saying one is first than the other, but I just find the "similarities" interesting.

Speaking of which I wish GROOVL1N all the love and success. In his studio, Ravi has a shelf he bought to display the songs/albums he has worked/produced on. I can't wait to see a full shelf.

Anyways- back to Nirvana.

The twinkle/xylophone beat, the French, and deep underlying "now look at me if you're looking for perfection" is really really nice. 
The chorus that follows is not what I expected from him, but again I don't know him as much as I would like myself to believe so maybe this is totally his style. 
What I find really cute is how his voice sounds here. V from BTS kind of has the same sound when he raps/talk sings/speaks English. I think they're voices are so deep that sometimes it sounds like there is something in their mouth. My sister can't hear it and says it sounds normal so it might just be me. 
He ends the verse with the word Nirvana- there is no correct way to pronounce it but I am so used to the American pronunciation that it feels a teeny bit off in my ears.
I find him so so handsome 🌞 in the video, . . . so handsome 🌞. BUT I do prefer natural eyes in general so I would love to have seen close ups of his natural eyes but I do think the bright contacts added the effect his video was going for, so it was appropriate.

So his second chorus- my immediate thought is that it is too fast? Like the background beat. In contrast to the first time the chorus was introduced the beat was much slower paced. BUT if he left it the same pace it might not have been as climatic and maybe the song would have sounded a bit monotone? Seriously I don't know anything about music, but I trust Ravi's decisions? lol. 

I want to say that the beat drop and Jimin's part, (is it the bridge?) might be my favorite part. It's such a beautiful contract to Ravi's voice, so I think one needs the other and it works so perfectly in sync. Okay I feel that line sounded like someone praising the shit out of like an average meal but that's really how much I love that part.

It goes without saying that Ravi's flow is A1. I am still watching the video and I can't get over how handsome 🌞 he looks. 

overall overall- I think it's a really catchy song and something I would play more in the background of my day to day, which I think it's cool. The contrast is me listening to Good Woman where I am literally absorbing every single word and beat lol. I think it goes back to taste, but I am so glad this song exists. The more I think about it, the more I can acknowledge that I needed it in my life. 

Nirvana ends before the video does and we get a one minute remix snippet of another track, Alcohol. I think the video and song is more my style. He manages to somehow get even more handsome. 🌞 Yeah I don't know how either. I think I just like him in a party setting. .  and driving a sexy car .  .  .

I can't wait until his full mixtape is on Spotify, I could listen to it elsewhere but I just like the order an official music site gives you. 

Okay honorary Ravi singing because I sing this along with him at the top of my lungs every morning. 😍

I have more to say but then the post would drag on more than it already has. Here is a link to a Melon article on the meaning of each song and some behind the scenes!
- melissa 🐝
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