Hi Hello I'm Twenty Four

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

FUCK. I am so mad that I haven't updated in. . 1. . .2 . .  3. . . 4  .. 5 months!!!

Not much has happened, but . . . . as I always say it's so nice to look back and read old things.

I'm thinking of updating this week with fun filler things like BTS concert/NYC , my birthday weekend (I'm 24!!!), WJSN's latest comeback, Monsta X's upcoming comeback. . . my future? *sigh*. . . it's almost 12am but that's when I get my ideas!! Hmm....

I think I'll work on a post tomorrow evening. I miss my blog!! 

There's nothing really rebellious I've done but I'm just thinking of all the details I wish I could say here, but won't. 


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