Concert Schedule 2019

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Dare I say I'm coming back from hiatus?

I'm living the next several months simultaneously stressed and excited. Every KPOP group . . ever, has decided to embark on a US tour this spring/summer.

April 24th, we are going to see SF9 here at the Center Stage. We have VVIP tickets so we'll have Hi-Touch and a signed poster included. . .  AH. SF9 is my second bias group so you can imagine how I'm feeling. I know one of the members, Zuho, did not participate in the latest album release because of health issues. With the concert only one month away- I hope that he is able to make it. I need to get their official light stick too, but I'm just not sure if it's something I'm able to do at the moment.

May 12th, Ravi from VIXX -my solo bias- is coming to Atlanta too. In this case he will be at the Loft at Center Stage. You guys.... the beginning of 2018 was ALL about Ravi as you can tell from a post from that time period. He has also just released another mini album. I have yet to dive into it, but I have the physical album and he truly outdid himself. It's quite literally a piece of art. Tickets haven't gone on sale yet so I need to scrap up some coins.

May 19th, exactly a week after Ravi, the gang and I will be in NJ for BTS first stadium tour! I didn't post anything in September, but my sister and I traveled to NJ for their Love Yourself tour. This was a financial sacrifice for me, but my sister would have done anything to go, so why not. Last year we we're able to get P1 standing general admission, but this year we will be seated and Yuri will join us! I am excited for their new album (which has a record amount of pre-orders) and will make sure to keep it on replay.

July 30th. . . my children- MONSTA X will be playing at the Fox Theater. Tickets go on sale in a couple days and I am NERVOUS. I have a friend (who I met last year when I camped for MX tickets) who will also be camping out and I just found out Yuri will be able to camp out too!!! So I hope one of them will be able to score P1 tickets (whopping $249). I'll be at the office when they go on sale (4PM) so I'll try to ticket (and ask my coworkers). Wish me luck!! AH.

September 21st, we are going to see Marina at the Roxy (down the street from me!) 1. I am going to relive my college days. 2. Her latest singles have been so good 3. I am not ready for her album to drop. I love her so much- she was so ahead of her time/a genius.

Also- we did not get tickets to NCT who will also be playing at the Roxy in April (I believe). I'm bummed as they were the reason I got into KPOP, but I haven't continued following and maybe I can go to next years tour. There's no one else I'd die for them to come- maybe WJSN- but I don't want anyone to come because. . . well I can't afford it. . . haha. . haha :(.

Past KPOP concerts- 

BAP- 2017
MONSTA X- 2017
UP10TION- 2018
Wanna One- 2018
MONSTA X- 2018
VAV- 2018
BTS- 2018

yes, I'm broke.

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