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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Updating from the office (lunch break)!

I've always been super grateful for having amazing and supportive parents. They're the reason I have been able to travel, live abroad, and graduate college debt free. None of it has come easy, and they have made so many sacrifices to be able to make that happen. Because of all their help (heart heart heart) I've never really had any responsibilities/burdens that would hold me back from being able to, say, quit conventional life and live off the grid in the Appalachians.

Until now because I just bought a new car - whoop whoop-. 

I know, pat on the back for doing something everyone does. But I really am happy and excited. . . and nervous. As my first real financial burden, best believe money feels a tiny bit different now and my budget is laid out beautifully color coded on an excel sheet.

Nando in 2014. university parking pass here and new car has an office building parking pass.

My parents bought my ole' lil' Honda so I could get to and from school back in 2012. It's been a nightmare lately so it was definitely time to move on. I had car anxiety just making my 9 mile commute to work. The Honda's radio turned off/locked when I went to Oman the first time back in 2015. . . . didn't have the code to unlock it so I went almost 4 years without music coming from my speakers. When I bought my car last Saturday, my siblings (brother) inherited my terrible car by default. Guess who fixed the radio the next day??? FOUR YEARS I WENT WITHOUT IT AND IT WAS FIXED SO QUICKLY.

*sigh* Oh well.

Now I can listen to music! Ride over bumps on the road without thinking I'll die! Feel comfortable turning on the A/C & heat! Feel comfort sitting in that 5PM traffic.


it's my dad's birthday!

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