SF9 Unlimited Tour in Atlanta

Monday, May 13, 2019

Our tour stop was a couple days ago and oh my god was it amazing! (a couple weeks ago now because I never got to posting)

But let me start from the beginning of the day so we have some context. We had a website/head shot photo shoot at work the same day. I spent Monday and Tuesday stressing over pedicures, makeup, and outfits. In the end, I looked the same way I always do- UGLY. But, okay I'll take that, no big deal.

But then it was time to see my head shots and pick which one I liked best. :) Hhhhhh. . . . like ugly and chubby is one thing- but I was on Shrek levels. Like those photos.. . . is that what I really look like to you all?

My sister didn't work that day and I was of at 5PM. I asked her to come a little before that and she could wait for me in the car or in the office. She uber'd there and arrived around 5:15- doors opened at 6:30 and we had general admission. I was also on E so then we spent another 15 minutes getting gas around the corner. We then did a lot of circles around The Center Stage because there was a hell of a lot of traffic and no parking. We finally parked and were the last of VVIP to get in. On top of that I took another ten minutes to get Ravi tickets (avoided online fees and saved $45 & I AM PUMPED). Though I don't think it made a difference in where we were standing. The show wasn't sold out :( but it wasn't a bad audience and trust me there were enough endorphins to go around.

We waited for around half an hour and when they came out I genuinely started crying. It was such a great moment.

The members at the show in a few words.

inseong- underrated visual, pink haired, mind blowing vocals (his solo is the only performance i recorded the whole way through), loud & playful

youngbin- reserved and quite, definitely exuded leader qualities, taken aback at the cheers for Jaeyoon,  stared into the distance a lot, didn't look in my general vicinity (still my bias lmao)

jaeyoon- confident, passionate,  . . . sexy??, part of the up-to-no-good-duo with inseong, a LOT of stage presence

dawon- silly, but more quiet than I expected, definitely a cutie, my heart ached with the few words he said to us

zuho- could tell he loved the crowd, passionate rapper, my sister and the woman next to her got extra loud when his parts came on

rowoon- we know this, but so handsome and tall. the SWEETEST member, stayed in the corner but would dance and play around for the audience

taeyang- dance KING. amazing performer, amazing vocals, amazing dancer, amazing face, no words

hwiyoung- lil cutie, was my babydaddy till i found out he was a child and i rather not go to Korean jail. still had his superior hair cut.

chani- quiet lil cutie too, up against rowoon for quietest member, captured my sister's heart half way through and cheered for him loudly the rest of the show. the reason we know sf9 is because someone at my brother's school told him he looked like Chani (O Sole Mio era).

The whole show was great from beginning to end and i did not want it to end. like i can't believe I got to see one of my bias boy groups. they also played a lot of songs from Sensuous so that was freaking great. one of the songs they performed that propelled it to my top sf9 songs was 'Life is So Beautiful.' Some songs can be really good, but not until you hear it live and really feel it are you like yes yes this is it.

Did I mention Inseong's Versace solo? Monsta X also covered the song so I was almost trying to hear that in my head, but he definitely made it his own. (I recorded vertically because let's face it we all watch on our phones anyways)

Every song was good, like I want to mention a specific song and how the hype got so big for it but then i remember it also happened to another song and the whole thing was just us getting hype song after song.

Hi Touch- I learned my lesson with MX and was like girl FOCUS on what's in front of you. Inseong was the first one and as soon as we turned the first corner he was there and I just wow, could not have imagined a more beautiful being. and this goes to all of the members. hhhhhh. and bitch there was NINE OF THEM- NINE. But the point of the initial photos at work introduction was to say that i felt slightly uncomfortable doing hi-touch because i had to force sf9 to look at my ugly ass :/ like ..... hhhhh. we went to dinner after and i was trying to stop thinking about it, but it was actually difficult.

We also got signed posters as VVIP. I need to finish my album collection too. Also, ya'll wanna know something DUMB. I went to the KPOP store a few weeks ago to get Ravi's latest album and had the budget for a couple more and ended up getting a random album- BECAUSE I HAD FORGOTTEN ALL ABOUT SF9'S LATEST ALBUM. LIKE I COULD'VE HAD IT BUT IM A FRAUD.

Anyways, overall the concert was great although I do feel a couple of the members seemed distant. But that also could just be me looking too hard into it- tours are tiring and demanding and that is already enough without the added language barrier.

I hope SF9 can come to Atlanta again so I can shed some more tears.

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