Summer is around the corner. . . .

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

[Lil Rob singing 'SUMMER NIGHTS']

And I am so ready! Like 97.5% of American girlies, I look forward to fall every year. Yes, I salivate for the PSEverything, but this year I add another season that I am hyped for (I appreciate Spring so much and Winter is aight). I know there's people, apart from school aged children, that look forward to summer, but it's a first for me. Summer starts in about a month (June 1) and my mass of thoughts below. 

Kicking it off with - 

  1. Last week of May - Texas wedding weekend + road trip home
  2. First week of June - Gulf shores beach weekend 

To dos
  • Create different genre summer playlist
  • Summer nights in the backyard (drinks + bonfires)
  • Shooting the hooch minimum once every two weeks
  • Having drinks in outdoor seating (Glover Park + Lazy Guy)
  • Sitting out by the pool 
  • City Festivals 
  • Perfect my sunscreen routine and reapplication
  • Leaving work at 3pm on Fridays 
  • Body positivity 
  • Savannah day trip at least once 
  • Concerts (Twice, Peso Pluma??, etc.)
  • Early morning coffee on the porch
  • Tan body but protect the face at all costs

Doesn't look like there's enough weekends to fit everything in but maybe I can make it happen?

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