The Cheeseme - A Series

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

I expressed to my sister, Emily, that I really wanted to dive into a hobby or interest and we discussed some ideas, but the usual hobby umbrellas aren't my thing and don't come naturally (sports, creative, outdoor) . 

I've had this "hobby" thought before and I don't know why it wasn't till now that it freaking hit me - CHEESE. I am sure I am not the only one amongst the charcuterie/board lovers that want to not only eat cheese, but be knowledgeable about it - where it comes from, the notes, how it's cut/served, best way to pair, etc. And so, I am officially on the path of cheese-ploration. This is where The Cheeseme (pronounced cheese-meh) comes in - a Heartcore series to document all the fun and yummy learning experiences. 

I'd like to explore actual charcuterie (meats) and all the other aspects of the American Charcuterie Board. But for now, I think cheese is a fine start. 

I always like a photo with my posts so when I searched cheese on my phone and several boards I've had a hand in creating over the years came up, I mass uploaded - oops. 

The first official Cheeseme post is not glamorous but it's with Emily and I am excited to share, so stay tuned! :-)

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