Take me to Gr Ic Brsg Oat Es Rehab

Monday, July 01, 2024

How would I describe my relationship with Starbucks? If I don't have it, I am not really thinking of it, save for trips and special days. But when I am on a bender - I am on a bender! I forget how good it is and then just keep going back for more. 

Earlier in June, I decided to give the Iced Brown Sugar Oat milk Shaken Espresso (Gr Ic Brsg Oat Es) a try (it's a mouthful when ordering) at the Starbucks @ Kroger on South Cobb Drive. I seriously had to go to the barista after 3 sips and let her know it was one of the best drinks I've ever had. I still think that specific one beats the 17 other Gr Ic Brsg Oat Es I have had. Or maybe it was just the shock of something new. 

Oh, for the first week I called it the Iced Brown Sugar BOBA because that's what I associate with brown sugar flavored drinks.  

Today is July 1st and I went to my Starbucks app to see how many drinks I had in June and here is the damage:

  • Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Bew - x5
  • Gr Ic Brsg Oat Es - x8 
  • Reg Iced Coffee - x1 (it was part of an offer)
Total of 14 drinks, so essentially one every other day. There's def worse people out there but this isn't sustainable. Let's also count how many app $$$ reloads I had

  • 6/1 - $10
  • 6/2 - $10
  • 6/9 - $10
  • 6/15 - $10
  • 6/17 - $10
  • 6/22 - $10
  • 6/23 - $10
  • 6/24 - $15
 . . . $85  . . phew, don't let my dad see this. I did buy my cousin one if it counts for anything. I had to put him on. But seriously it's a little under $7 a Grande after taxes, so yeah not good. 

My A1C blood work last September showed me in prediabetic territory, 

OKAY PAUSE - I know this post so far shows that yes I deserve pre-diabetes - WHICH I DO AND THATS WHY I HAVE IT LOL but it's from a variety of junk and not my twice a year Starbucks bender. Continue reading for my middle ground approach: 

so I have been watching my sugar and lowering the amount of syrup pumps + opting for sugar free. But yes, when I am feeling naughttyyyy I get 4 pumps as the recipe calls and it is heaven! There have been a couple times where they don't include the cinnamon and it just takes away from my experience so I've been asking for extra cinnamon - yum! 

Gr Ic Brsg Oat Es of 7/1/2024

I think I am going to go on a shaken espresso detox for the next month and work on brewing the k-pods I recently purchased. 

If you were at all wondering my top caffeine orders, I present to you Melissa's 4 horsemen of the apocalypse.

One more month until this baby ^ is on the market. 

I wonder if I can hold out until it's PSL season?? Probably not, but maybe set a limit of 5 for this month? 

We'll see 

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