Hmm. . .What to blog about.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

  So yesterday while walking our dogs, my sister and I were thinking of topics and subjects i could blog about. But i guess nothing seems good enough. I of course have noticed how hard it is for ME to think of stuff to blog about if its not "good enough". Since i've been a member of blogger for almost a year now but just now made a blog. . .
  SOO Isaac just gave me the idea of blogging about not knowing what to blog about. So i guess this will be number 2. . .Along with the fact that i'm breaking my head on what to blog about, while i have two math packets and a book to read for homework before my spring break is over. . -___-. Which BTW is going by extremely fast.
  AND i've been clicking "next blog" at the top of the page for about a total of 5 hours now. Peoples blog are actually really interesting especially when i feel like a creep when i stumble upon family blogs. And theres some blog templates and backgrounds (but mostly templates) that i REALLY REALLY wish i had :|. But oh well ohhhhhhhhhhhh and the fact that i don't know how many times i've changed my background. .haha.

so much for not ranting on about pointless aspects of my life.

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