Yours Truly

Friday, April 08, 2011

Who am I?

I don't know.
A girl who loves Nicki? Loves the color pink? Dresses "chill"?
Goes to church? Is Mexican? haha. I don't know.

  A bit ago I started to notice that i always tried to Definee myself. I wanted to be this or to be that. I wanted 'hobbies' and 'sports to play'. Not because i wasn't confident or anything i just wanted to be something. That would explain my guitar, my tennis rackets, soccer conditioning. I would ask myself if I were someone else what would I say about her. My sophmore and freshman year i would complain about nothing to do after school how i wasn't in any clubs or activities. I also wondered if this was something most girl teens went through or if it was just me and i still don't know but i guess i don't care. I tried out different tastes and styles. I thought i wanted these friends or those friends.
  And now i find myself at peace, because i'm pretty sure of who I am. I'm busy every single day. Going on random trips. But it does sometimes get overwhelming. Because of those somethings i've missed out on birthday parties, family day outs, other occasions, and I get those occasional headaches. I think that i mostly 'found' myself by going to my youth group, participating and all that jazz. IT KEEPS ME ALIVEEEEEEEEEEE! haha and yes i droop with those Christmas break and spring breaks and no lifeteen on Sundays but it always comes back when i return. I learned to move on from past relationships and to open my eyes to new expieriences. BUT i always still wanna know what ppl think of me. . just for my book(: 

  And. . .well after i heard this a million times. . .it. . well dawned on me. "i will remain where the top begins, cause i'm not a word, i am not a line, i am not a girl that can ever be defined."-Nicki (Fly ft Rihanna) 

concieted? I think NOT(:

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