Spring Showers bring May Flowers.(& Plants)

Saturday, April 09, 2011

  Although it's April, not May, Flowers are popppppin' all ovah thaah place!

Specifically my front&back yard. If there's anything my momma (yes, the amazing cook) loves is- FLOWERS, PLANTS, & well FLOWAHHS! I took a picture of a few that I like. Not everything is in full blooooom though. I guess i'll wait till 'May'. And of course mami doesn't do it all on her own she gets a little (alot) of help from daddy. (yes, her husband :P). He's pretty much plants the big ones and does the little designing. Ohhh and if you see random girly stuff or decorations. . that's def my momma not my dad. :P
 heree we goooo-

The plants that all my neighbors seem to have :o

These are some plants/flowers in the front yard. & yes I believe that is a random stick. . .

 This purple flower is my mom's favorite of the season? She freaks out about it(:
I LOVE this tree. It's so prittttyyy.

 They look very similiar just different color :o

This is in the front with other baches of plants.

Mama's Orchids (her favorite, her other ones are well. . bald.)

& finallyyyy backyard.
Whoosh i'm done. Nufff about plants :D

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