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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

i was telling my father about how I had a friend in Brazil (Carlos de Oliveira) that wanted to exchange postcard/letters. and my dad gave me the best idea! to send postcards to others i have met (from FIE) that are out of the country. In my case the U.S.. I sent people who I'd met that I thought were postcard worthy messages asking for thier address. I felt so wierd, i thought to myself "oh gosh they prob think im a freak!" but oh well. I mean I would want a postcard! haha. So far i have a Brazil, Argentina, & Indonesian address. And let me tell you this makes me very excited!! And let me mention understanding these foreign address are so so confusing. D: but i will get it done and no more procrastination! ! I also saw my friend Dian's Blog. thank God for google translate!! haha. But again this all makes me very excited. I really hope to visit Brazil and Indonesia one day! 

I wanna go now!!! 

I believe that's it for now. 
but how could i leave without a pointless pictures!
me:  then: 


  & see my friends:      

PS: I really hope to update my blog at leasttttt 4 times a month. and i might over update haha. 

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