Sister Mary Olivia of the Cross

Monday, September 26, 2011

This weekend, well Friday & Saturday I went on a mini nun run with my good friends- Yuri, Karen, Deepa & now Clo. 

we went to the Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia in Nashville! it was amazing.

Their way of life is so interesting i'm going to give a run through of my weekend there, but first let me say that this does not mean i am going to become a sister tomorrow. . . .or ever. It just means that I am open, interested, and informed of what God's will for me might be.

Let's see 0.0 - I love thier way of life. Last time I came in February, i wanna say it was my favorite although we only spent 3 hrs there :o. I'm extremely happy that my beloved youth minister Deepa decided to take us to Nashville again AND they're teachers and have a school nearby Atlanta.

Short & Sweet: we arrived in Nashville around 12, had some lunch and got to the conventa little before 1. We were early and do we took a nap in our beyond amaazingly decorated, vintage rooms!

 these are gorgeous! I <3 lots!

& after our quick rest we went outside and mingled with some of the sisters. Let me tell you I only have a couple of their names memorized for example Sister Cecilia Rose. And I cannot and i mean cannot remember their names! only their baptismal name and i only know 3! Afterwards we put on our tennis shoes and came outside to meet up with the rest of the sisters. We started off with a rosary walk. We split into 2 groups and made 2 lines and prayed the rosary while we sped walked around their campus which is beautiful btw. & to say the truth I wasn't really concentrating on the rosary :o I was looking around and the weather was amazing. So after rosary walk we did recreation! whoo!! we played soccer and ultimate Frisbee with the sisters. It was beyond fun! watching them run with their habits was adorable. 

then we had a tour of the MOTHERHOUSEE! how special is that??

afterwards we had some free time. Trust me that was used for a quick nap! We then returned to a room and had a talk on prayer, one of the sisters gave us each a book about prayer with a certain saint. I had St. Francis of Assisi. God knows i tell yah. The first section was about our journey. AH. just what I needed. I learned an awesome prayer. Goes a little something like this: 
Most high and glorious God, enlighten the darkness of my heart.
Give me true faith, certain hope, and perfect charity, sense and knowledge, Lord, to carry out your holy and true command.
Isn't that great?? Ah. so perfect for my life right now.
Then we had prayer/vespers/adoration/meditation at the chapel. 

We had dinner with some of the sisters: Pizza, chips, etc. Best Pizza ever ;). We ate outside on the cutest decorated little table.
Did some spiritual reading & played an awesome game of headbandz with the sisters. Funniest things ever. Had a blast. 

Then it was time for bed at 8. Long day the next day :o

next day: 6 AM. 
WAKEE UPPP! and time for morning prayers & mass. 
I could bearly sing because they sing so high :o but i tried. 
after THAT we had breakfast with 2 other sisters. I had a cherry pastry & milk. YUMMMYY. 

WE DID DUTIES!!!! AH. i really don't know exactly why it was just amazing but I swept two dining rooms a small and a half a large room. Moped one, then polished silverware. The sisters do this in silence & for some reason cleaning has never been so magical.

Cookie Decorating time! The sisters were having a Spanish night last night in honor of World Youth Day that was in Madrid a little while ago. we decorated cookies in what was the logo of WYD:

I did the red on about 150 cookies. my hands had cramps, and it was totally worth it.

Then we did noon prayers again in the chapel.

We had lunch with 2 sisters we had corn dogs, coleslaw, German potato salad, and cookies for desert. It was all very very delicious. 

We again had a rosary walk and more soccer and ulitmate Frisbee. Oh and an icebreaker that was a relay race.

We heard some vocation stories from 3 sisters. ALL very inspiring. I <3 them so much.

We packed up, adored, prayed, meditated, and did vespers one last time at the chapel and departed.

Deepa, Clo, Yuri, Karen & I went for dinner at Chick-fil-a and recapped. 

I absolutely loved this nun run. I am so interested in their way of life & let me tell you I don't think i'd mind if this was God's vocation for me. I really do think that now i'm starting a new chapter in my life were i have to be strong and independent and concentrate on school & discerning my vocation. I am so grateful for all the support in my life from my friends and family. There really is none like them.   

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