Update on MOES Life.

Friday, September 02, 2011

First things first (i'll eat cha brains) it's karen ibarra's birthday!!!!!!
(postponed post to 9/2/11)
Did you like the way i creatively called myself MOE?? lol. I was thinking Melissa Ortega's so you know M (melissa) O (ortega) s life? MOES? yep that's me.

So very many things to say. but they're slowly leaving my brain. :o

Well, i have a AP Economics test tomorrow. I'm somewhat prepared for it.
AND a Math Test. NOT Prepared for it. I 'try' to pay attention but whatever i do as soon as i enter the classroom i get sleepy, bored, and daydreamish!! 
Lately i have also just had a real bad craving for a car, i'm not the best driver but c'mon can't be that bad!!
Next, i AM IN LOVEEE with this one song. 

okay so this doesn't really explain but this guy sings this song called Estos Celos. And it's like he made a little burrow in my heart (the good kind) So if some boy comes and sings me this song. I will kinda, you know, die. <3 

I also made a TUMBLR. woo hooo!!! - melissaortegaloves.tumblr.com it's called lola rigby- which is me. MOE. lol. Just a bunch of random pics of stuff I enjoy.

'nother thing I have my AP gov class or Political Science, whatever but i feel like I just wanna be a Political Science major. It's Super hard to explain but when you have an amazing huuuularious teacher like mine it's hard not to like it. 

speaking of majoring, i wannnna go to collegeeeeeeeee. I'm shooting for KSU. Can't wait to be driving to college and doing whatever college students do. *sigh* more than a couple months left till HS graduation. *sighs again* 

It's almost my birthday. . . kinda. October 5th! What shall I do?? I was thinking dinner. Dinner sounds nice. But I was also thinking something else. Something fun. like Salsa dancing? pottery painting? basket weaving? Downtown? dunno. Can't do anything extreme just turning 17. and although most of my friends are 17. it just seems purrityy old. 

nother nother thing. at a point i was ON a roll in my faith. I was doing the works. and now. . . well now i'm poo in my faith. Guess it's true what they say. what do they say you ask? well i don't know. I just know it's true. 

i also wanna go on a nail polish shopping spree. i want like 4 diff shades of pink. and then just diff shades. 

Videos i have watched that YOU, yes YOU, should watch are: 
Feminist- Nigahiga
Dating tips with D-Trix- theDOMINICshow
. . . .yeah that's pretty much it. lol

oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!! So my 'friend' whom loves the office inspired me to watch it even more. well I did. GAHHHHHHH. SO so so so so so funny!! like, so funny. Like ahh, pretty funny. At one point i really like really actually cried. (Pilot Episode 1.1)

I also have to wear these silly bands, not silly bandZ, but rubber bands around my braces. I just always forget to out them baack on after I eatt!! i'm afraid i'll have crooked teeth foreverrrrrrrrrr! (foreverr)

"you have to return the hat immediately"
"Yes, immeeeeediately"
"yes now!!! &(*)#!@$@%-"
"Hey Mr. Krabs what are you doing here?"

Have I mentioned that I love the Regular Show?
Well i have now! buahaha. so funnnnnnnnnnnyy. Listen to my new song.

"i dont mean to braaaaaaaaag, i dont mean boaaaaaaaaaaasssttt but here's some hummus. for these mini toaaaasts"

my voice isn't with the vid. and it cuts out ahhhh cheap video!
eh? eh? i've been singing that all day unfortunately that's. . .that's my real voice. haha. american idol here I come!!!!!!. WOOO.

and tomorrow is Saturday the start of our three-day labor day weekend!
im working on a project on Monday. with my furrends. ALSO for some reason this week has been REAL tiresome.
i really don't remember if i told yah i had a tumblr SOOO: www.melissaortegaloves.tumblr.com 
and visit here: http://www.mystylepill.com/ so awesome
i wanna say more but i can't. . so i will end with an epic picture??

? no?
GASP. i&#8217;ve been Murdered by cuteness!
?? no??
oh well. less than three melissa ortega aka lola rigby, curly haired goddess, MOE. <3

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