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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Please tell me you know who these heartthrobs are:

 I told myself that this was a lame dumb boy band charade & wasn't going to fall for a little girl thing. But I did, and i'm in love. Maybe short lived but still!! I spend my afternoons watching their videos and listening to their album on my favorite music hosting site (Spotify). My guilty pleasure.

*update* When I talk to myself (yes I know, shush) I instinctively speak in a British accent and read in an Irish one.

*update update*
Although I prefer guys with straight teeth, I somehow think Niall looked cuter w/ his old teeth. It gave him this . . . charisma. But I totally get why he did get braces. When I had my old teeth I was less confident. You really get confidence w/ straight teeth. 

Seriously, go listen.

I am nearing the last of my high school days! Friday is my last day of school and graduation is the 26th of this month! I sort of kinda not really wished I didn't have to go to college and start school all over but I guess I must. I don't even know what I want to study :( I also want to graduate with honors. You must have a 3.5 not rounded. I currently have a 3.5 but with this new semester going in i'm nervous if it'll move down even just a little. . . I really want/need that honor cord. This Sunday is also the baccalaureate mass at church for us seniors. I'm excited and nervous.

Have to get back to my essay!!


PS: Can't decide if I prefer 'More than this' or 'Moments' by 1D. *.*
PSS. The feeling 1D gives me is unexplainable.
PSSS. Praying Niall Horan (last guy) is actually Catholic. (He's Irish) Possibility? I think so.  *.*


on my fb. 0_o haha

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