Cinco de Mayo WKND (Prom/Birthdays)

Monday, May 07, 2012

Friday, my friend Y came over and we went over to our friend B's birthday party:

We left early, and had to make it to Cafe Instabul in Kennesaw for our other friends birthday dinner: 

That night Y slept over, that next Saturday was Senior prom!

We started they day by waking up, "doing our hair", and then going to my friend "Sasha's" house to get my make-up done.


On our way back to Sasha's house for pictures!!

During prom:

 After prom we got lost in Atlanta for a litttle bit, finally made it back into town and went to a 24 hour Starbucks. We went through the drive-threw, parked and sipped frappuchinos until 1 am. It honestly felt like it was 10 pm. There were a few people there on their laptops. Y dropped me off home and I didn't wake-up until 12pm Sunday.

Overall prom was pretty fun some things I DID not wanna see. But yes! will be memorable. Thursday, i'm getting my yearbook and i'm super excited. 9 more school days left. . . then graduation!!

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