Almost time for school!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I finally got the new agenda I've been itching to get for weeks!

My mum made my siblings and I go to the library a few days ago. So happily we all made way to the Smyrna Public Library. I decided to renew my long forgotten library card, and check out books on my own term (instead of my mum's). I checked out the first Harry Potter book. YAY! I've been wanting to get my hands on it for a while, unfortunately the books aren't available for the Kindle on Amazon. So I read it and it was pretty okay. Not SUPER good, but it was a good read. :))
I went back yesterday, returned the Sorcerer's Stone and checked out the Chamber of Secrets. I also checked out The Culture Dictionary, and another history book. I absolutely love The Culture Dictionary.  It's EXACTLY the book I've been trying to find! It is what it says it is, a book full of nouns that the average American should know about other cultures and their accomplishments. I've already made my sister quiz me on the first couple pages on terms such as 'adobe'  and 'Abangan'. ;)

Last night I also went on a rampage of personality quizzes. I took the Bryer-Briggs personality test for like the 4th time and I always get the same answer! I'm an ESFJ. Look me up if you want a clue of who I am. It's pretty spot on! ;)

Today, Thursday, I attended my "Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Georgia Opportunities Scholar" Scholarship orientation. It's $2,500 I thought it was a 1 time money, but it's renewable and for 4 years :)))) that's $10,000.

BTW here's my sched of classes. 

Again I LOVE the UK I need to go next summer or SOMETHING. I also need to get a foreign bf ;)

Much love, Melissa xx

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