Tuesday, July 03, 2012

#photoadayjuly just being my reg sassy self. #selfportrait #dayone (Taken with Instagram)
Summer is going pretty normal a couple of good news, I got my license!! Yay, finally right?? Now i'm waiting on my parents for a car. . . hopefully that will be soon.

Let's see, I got an Ed Sheeran CD the Up All Night Live Tour DVD. . .

AND AND AND AND 2013 World Tour tickets for when One Direction comes to Atlanta!!

:D xx (Taken with Instagram)
I've also decided that today I will put it in my head that I will probably never meet any of the boys, let alone marry them!! :P

I've also been on tumblr a lot lately and I follow a couple Catholic blogs. Oh gosh, they make me feel so weak about my faith. Of course the only person to blame is myself. . . I don't know. . :(

KSU is going well expect for some reason they deleted one of my classes so i'm not a full time student. I'll see what's up tomorrow. If not i'll take criminal justice in place of anthropology. Oh well. . . I think that's it.

PS. Ryan O'Shaugnessy's "No Name" is on replay. I hope I can get his CD when it's available in the states. (He's Irish *.*) So i'm going to research that now.

couldn't help myself. It's so beautiful. He signed my blog :D
Taken with Instagram
PSS I entered a contest for Ryan's FB too make a webdoc. 1: there's no way I would ever win but it didn't hurt to try. I actually had fun. I Should upload it here!! or on my tumblr! Good idea!! But yes.

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