Londres 2012, Vamos Mexico

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Currently watching the London 2012 Olympics. Mexico against South Korea. I haven't really watched an Olympics before, but i'm genuinely excited this year. I also heard One Direction are performing at the end, not sure. *penalty*

Also, my phone is still having a hard time charging. It is not fun, always have to be wiggling the cord. *S Korea misses shot*

Last night after bible study, I had a fairly long conversation with A, about my relationship with God (As you can tell by my last update) *S Korea definitively has the upper hand in the game thus far :(* It was such a. . . relieving talk. He made me feel so much better!! I feel like God and I are friends again ^.^ *Mexico keeps losing the ball to SK* Again I feel so much better. *2nd corner kick for SK*

Something he told me: You have to pray a lot to come to love it. I was trying to do the opposite. I was trying to some how come to love prayer then pray. & it's not that I don't love prayer, it's just something I struggle with. I have trouble finding my words, concentrating, and also listening. *0-0*

About vocation, you can try to stall and tell God "later" but no matter how long you take whether it's 5 years or 40 years. You will end up to were you're suppose to be.

Discerning tip: Pros & Cons list

Marriage- Pros                                                 Cons
               Children                                           Children Stress
               Husband                                           Husband frustrations
               Sex (in marriage obvi)(let's be honest) Bills
               Having a home                                  Dealing w/ rude ppl
               Seeing family                                    High gas prices
               Career                                              Deal w/ teenage crisis
               Opportunity to be an ex.                     Worrying about money
               Listen to music                                  Stressful word problems
               Buy stuff                                           Harder to attend daily mass
               Decorate home
               Go back to school
               Raise kids
               Soccer mom
               Cooking and cleaning
               Take pictures
               Try new recipes
               Take vacations
               Meet people
               Exposed to latest ideas
               Watch the latest movies
               See your friends
               Watch people grow old
               Inspire people

ReligiousLife- Pros                                               Cons
                       Constant Prayer                          Too many girls. . :P
                       Sister community                        Isolation
                       No Bills                                      Far from family
                       Many spiritual children                 No wordly things
                       Order/Daily sched                       Sweating in habits
                       HABITS HABITS HABITS           Sacrificing luxuries
                       Daily Mass
                       Priest on hand
                       Prayer for everyone
                       Gardening/Cooking for everyone
                        No rude people
                                                       *Will Keep Updating*

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