Discover the Heart of Europe 2014, part 6

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Seven and Eighth day, at the Academy

Friday December 19th

We would spend the next two days at the academy in 

 There were two presidents, four political parties, and three special interest groups. I was part of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Each team got a room where they would come up with a plan and what they would share with the rest of the group. Although it was "just" a simulation, it got really intense. I would lie if I said there weren't any rifts between people after this day. But, luckily, we were able to come to a conclusion and make some change in the union ;) BUT this was a starter simulation to get us ready for the next day.

Saturday December 20th

Kennesaw State University and the Europa-Institut

The Parliament
The Council
The Commission (Photo Credit: Dr. Noah McLaughlin)

Parliament deliberating for Negotiation

Council Deliberating for Negotiation

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